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One interesting side light on all this is the difficulty faced by Health Authorities, of proving that their vaccines are truly safe and scientific, and not a horror-show broth of deadly preservatives and secret pogroms.

I don't know how I would try to deal, if it were my responisibility- which thankfully it is not.

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my take, make public the manufacturing process and ingredients and conduct long-term clinical trials that are not a whitewash. change the laws so the companies can be held responsible.

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a horror-show broth of deadly preservatives and secret pogroms.

Words do not exist to describe the horrific facts.

Vaccines ushered in the modern era of HIV, and cancer.

HIV. No introduction necessary.

SM-40:. A cancer causing polyoma virus. It is responsible for the ongoing soft tissue cancer epidemic starting in the 60's.
An estimated 30 million contaminated polio vaccines were administered to Americans in the early 60's.

These are the catastrophes that were leaked, but suppressed.

Who knows what else went unreported...