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Nope, we absolutely do not need the two "in balance". They are opposites. One is freedom and prosperity, the other is poverty and oppression. You can't say "oh we need a little bit of poverty and oppression to make the freedom and prosperity work". No. The freedom and prosperity works despite the evil machinations of people who want to control others, because it's a powerful idea that very apparently lifts everyone out of poverty, rich and poor alike. Everyone in the world can see that capitalism feeds the masses, socialism doesn't.

And to the extent they are mixed, socialism is the parasite. Not some complimentary tool in the kit. "Oh we just need a little socialism", is what stupid people who believe their enemies say. It inhibits everything it's supposed to help and more.

Now, I'm not saying there's no role for government. Build infrastructure, settle disputes, etc. But distributing largess from the public treasury and forcing people to pay for it down the road should not be part of their duties.

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NEITHER are freedom and prosperity. And BOTH can be totalitarian.

LOL Capitalism doesn't feed the masses.

Big government is always the problem, everywhere, without exception, regardless of labels and ideologies.

Poverty is not exclusive to capitalists nor socialists and/or their countries.

If you want to get rid of socialism in America, then start with the military and police. Don't take from the many (taxes) under threat of violence and give it to the military and police, whether we like it or not, under the name of "democracy" or the tyranny of the status quo brainwashed many.

Stop funding the military and let the market demands dictate how much money they get. You'd see a MASSIVE change.

Socialism, like capitalism, can be parasitic - and they can also work in combination to be parasitic. "Too big to fail" was capitalists using socialism to bail out the banks parasitically.