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Decentralizing food production is relatively easy: for a street or whatever, someone can produce food. As things collapse and people (hopefully) realize the government won't provide for them, they will do this themselves.

To me, energy is the problem. What should we do? Not everyone can put solar panels on their houses, or can afford it. We can't rely on government electricity. My idea, so far, is that we put solar panels in the sunniest places available on the streets and share the power between buildings. But I don't know much science, and how to do anything like this. Can someone please respond?

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I have yet to post stuff about unharvested ocean currents, much about Thorium, or anything about GEET Technologies.

Moreover, most people don't realize how centralized all our power systems are - like everything else, from food to entertainment, from vehicles to you name it.

Folks don't need a 2 tonne metal vehicle for everything they do. We could build our own if we wanted to. "Their" laws might try to keep us off the streets.

Folks could also build their own generators. Most cities have a river nearby. You only need Niagra Falls and the Hoover Dam for CENTRALIZED power.

"They" destroyed the Los Angeles public transport system in order to sell you more cars and tires. Now they want to take back the cars and make us all rent. It's cultural engineering.

They or we could easily build small power generators, like cars, that don't need to be put up in the air with giant blades - again controlled by centralized interests. We could have paddle wheels along the banks of rivers, on pylons in the rivers, off floating barges, submerged, in the sewers - wherever. We already know how to make gears and transmissions to adapt to irregular variable flows.

"They" would have us believe there's an energy crisis, just like (((they))) would have us believe diamonds are rare.

Further, "they" don't offer much in the way of solutions, but there are abundant greener solutions that can be applied to old buildings. Or "they" could provide more, better, quality, and reliable public transport with private options - for free - so people would actually use it. But they won't.

Their paradigms need you to be exploited. Period.

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Which grid do you mean?

Electric grid?

Phone, cable, Internet grid?

Water, gas, sewage?



Social services (fire, ambulance, police, etc.)?


Citizenship (free men renouncing birth certificates)?

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Pretty much everything, except taxation, I guess.