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Please feel free to create your own IPFS mirrors of some of the files or the entire site!

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Holy fuck bro I think I was born to host a Corbett IPFS mirror

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Start /s/IPFS and do some IPFS for dummies tutorials. That way when I finally get fiber this year I can also set up a mirror.

I bet you/we could justduet with a Pi and a single drive.

And maybe do one of those free access broadcast things too.

And if we did that we could likely add/mirror all of DownTheMemoryHole.

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I saw that. Looking good. Haven't delved yet. We can hibernate and cultivate it all there until it's time to live and wild.

Also, I went to D-Tube for the first time in a while and it looks like they really cleaned it up a lot. I'm very impressed. Before it was janky. They're connected to Steemit via users stuff. I don't know what else. D-Tube uses IPFS I believe. But I don't think they're federated so it's not a decentralized solution we're looking for, yet. Like Steemit being on blockchain is nice but if it's not open source and/or decentralized they're just a potential rewards source until they sell out or be exposed as a scam.

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Agreed, dtube has gotten a lot better. I think their non-video data is on the Steem block chain, so it counts as decentralized. As a naysayer I don't know how much that's worth since Steem has a historically spotty record, like they pulled a fast one with the launch of their currency. Viva la federation, where you don't have to trust the founders and operators of whatever.

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Is the Steem block chain public now? Until it is I don't count that as decentralized. I'm quite sure Amazon has a bunch of warehouses around the world with their servers but I don't consider them decentralized. I'm quite sure a lot of banks are blockchaining their accounting stuff. Those are hardly public and decentralized. And as long as Steemit is not open and transparent about everything then they are very sketchy IMO.

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I think it's always been public?

And you at least used to be able to mine the Steem coin, so that's another sign that their chain is all public.

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I'd sought better answers since Aug 2016 or so.

Looks like it's been in place since Nov 2017.

This is the first I've heard about mining too. I gave up a long time ago and never looked back.

Their PR is shit. (So are their whales.) They should be pushing this more. I guess I dislike it a little less and have a little more hope.