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[–]genericbucket02[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) Soframycin cream is an antibiotic cream used to treat various skin conditions caused by bacteria. The medicines treat the bacterial infection on the sycosis barbae, impetigo (bacterial infection around the skin), hair, and paronychia (infection caused around the nails). It can also treat open wounds with bacterial infections and works by killing the bacteria in the affected area. In addition, it treats burns, scalds (injury by hot steam), and otitis externa (infection in the outer area of the ear canal). How and when to use Soframycin Cream? The skin cream is for external use only. Apply a small amount of Soframycin cream on your fingertip to the affected area. Also, do not forget to wash and clean the infected area with an antiseptic liquid first. Also, wash your hands before and after using the Soframycin cream. Also, discuss with your doctor if there are any other medical conditions or if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother. The cream contains framycetin sulfate, which is used to treat bacterial infections. Hence, some people are allergic to active ingredients. So, always talk to your doctor about the ingredients you are allergic to. Soframycin is also available in drops for eyes and ears. For eye use, two drops every one to two hours. Whereas for ears, 2 to 3 drops thrice a day. What are the side effects of Soframycin Cream? Some of the common side effects of Soframycin cream -
Itching Irritation Redness Burnings Stinging sensations Hearing loss Ear discomfort Eye irritation Skin sensitivity However, these do not require any medical help as this will go away as your skin gets adjusted to the medicines. But you must see a doctor if these side effects are not going away. What precautions should be taken? You might experience itchiness or redness around your applied area if not applied correctly and within the recommended time. Soframycin cream comes only in tablets, drops, and creams. You must remember not to ingest the cream formulation. You must take either of these only as and when prescribed by the doctor. Also, if you use drops, wait 15-20 minutes before putting in the contact lenses. Moreover, it is important to continue the course of the medication until the infection caused by the bacteria is completely healed. Also, if you accidentally take in more than one tablet of Soframycin, seek medical help immediately. What are the storage conditions for Soframycin Cream? Keep your medicine away from direct sun or heat. It is best to keep them at room temperature. Exposure deteriorates their efficacy. Keep the medicine in a safe place. Also, keep your children away from these medicines, as they might cause severe ill effects. Caution with other medicines As Soframycin cream is a topical drug, using it with any other medicine might not cause any harm. However, ensure not to use any other topical drug along with Soframycin. Also, do not forget to inform your doctor about your other condition. They will alter the dosage or recommend some other potent medicine. How quickly does Soframycin Cream show results? Soframycin cream usually works within 15-20 minutes, but depending on the condition, the time it takes to work might fluctuate. However, you can see the result within a few days.