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At a local preppers meeting I found out about this site, apparently based in Vancouver. I was mentioning some of the things our Cassandra Team and /s/StandUpWindsor are (slowly) working on.

The Librti splash page sounds great, even if it doesn't have decentralization or some other things I might like.

I'm still waiting to email-confirm my account (I wonder if Gmail is preventing me from signing up to some things, this being a second time), but from what I can see it seems simple. I have Profile, Articles, and Videos under "JasonCarswell" and there are some features: Home (a private feed I think), Events, Librti Video, Business Directory (greyed out, coming soon I assume), and Librti Shop. The Ontario events I can see are from January and March. Vancouver has very recent stuff, including something from yesterday. The extensive videos are a diverse mix of familiar and new with many recent additions hours old. They have many very nice shirts in the store, not for the impoverished nor hefty. They're not very edgy nor make much of any political statement as "Liberty" on a T-shirt is pretty basic.

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So for some reason Gmail didn't get my 4 requests to confirm my email until this morning.

Turns out there are many more features in this forum. It's far more impressive with everything you might expect from a forum plus a few more.

Left margin menu: Groups, Events, Librti Video, Business Directory, Marketplace, Librti Blog, Communities, Discussions

Under my user profile: Profile (settings), Articles, Videos, Photos, Products, Files, Polls, Discussions, Groups, Friends.

I don't love the layout but I don't hate it either - it's generically optimized for PCs and phones alike.