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That's awesome! I wish I had the backyard to keep it in.

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i did a run last week and it was, ahem ...a blazing success! yielded 16x more biochar than my tlud beer keg and it took only an hour. it was super hot with giant, violent flames, like a rocket engine. pretty sure i deorbited the planet!

because of the heat, it was hard to add new layers neatly, but i managed to push in pre-arranged piles with a long handled hoe. used mostly dry sumac, pine and poplar.

def worth the effort!

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i dug a hole in the ground with the same dimenions last week. in the front yard btw. waiting for a dry windless day.

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I'm envious.

Also, welcome back from your hiatus.

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there is too much rain atm to run it, but will report back if its any good

thank you! i am not really 'back', way too much work in the garden and i am liking it. i will be more active in the fall. i still log in to mod and post gardening stuff :-)