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Firehose-style feed

This sub attempts to create a ~neutral place where participants may discuss CW topics without tribal turf-defending and finger-pointing. This sub is not as heavily moderated as others, but it is definitely not a free-for-all.

Text posts with context only. Explain how your submission relates to the Culture War and attempt to do so without sneering. "Why do I have a bad reaction to this?" is far better than "Look at this idiot."


  • Violations of Saidit-wide rules will result in bans

  • See the Victorian Sufi Buddha Lite comment policy: comments should be at least two of {true, necessary, kind}.

  • This subreddit is for discussing culture war, not for waging it.

  • If you're posting a topic outside of the low-effort thread, include a link and some context.

  • If you submit a piece from a writer whose primary purpose seems to be to score points against an outgroup, do at least one of three things: acknowledge it, contextualize it, or best, steelman it.

  • Don't ruin the discussion for everyone else.

  • If you see moderator activity you disagree with, feel free to reply to the comment, contact the mods privately, or reply anonymously by reporting the comment (put something in the "breaks CWR's rules -> Other" field.

Registry of Bans

Other CWR outposts listed here

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