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George Washington U. professor replaced after using ‘N-word’ in educational context

According to The Hatchet, George Washington University’s Michael Stoil, who had taught a course on human rights the last five years, related to his students what he talked about with (an unnamed) provost.

Stoil (pictured) said he uttered the N-word while discussing “differential aspects of prejudice.” This resulted in some students feeling “frustrated” and “uncomfortable” and “at least three bias reports” ended up being filed against the professor.

Political Science Department Chair Eric Lawrence informed Stoil’s students on September 21 that “a new instructor would start teaching the course.”

Stoil told The Hatchet the provost was “horrified” when he said the word, telling him “Oh my God, I felt that viscerally. It ran right through me.” Stoil responded by asking “You don’t listen to hip hop? You don’t listen to some of the street music? They use it all the time.”

Two of Stoil’s students told him “Yeah, but they’re Black people,” whereupon Stoil replied “The point is I didn’t imagine that she would feel pain from the use of the N-word simply because, by the way, she didn’t know what color I was.”