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Retired conservative SDSU professor targeted by effort to revoke his emeritus status

Stuart Hurlbert, a San Diego State University professor emeritus of biology, has come under fire from both a faculty resolution and a petition from the university’s biology graduate student union.

Hurlbert has been an outspoken supporter of immigration restrictions and a critic of universities’ catering to the Black Lives Matter movement.

SDSU’s Biology Graduate Student Association drafted a petition calling for the revocation of Hurlbert’s emeritus status. It currently has over 550 signatures and states that for years the campus biology community “has been plagued by one particular agent of intolerance, SDSU emeritus professor Dr. Stuart Hurlbert.”

The petition was initiated in early June. Next, a resolution was considered by the SDSU University Senate’s Academic Policy and Planning Committee that would allow the senate, provost or president to revoke a professor’s emeritus status if their conduct “causes harm to the University’s reputation.”

The resolution was approved and is now under consideration by other committees within the faculty senate. A full vote of the senate may come this fall.