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Oh wow you're right, it's been frozen for 14 days according to the top posts... I'm amazed this is the first I'm hearing of it. They must be having serious troubles. Although if you sort by new there are still new posts, so they must be having backend problems with their sorting algorithms.

Either that or they're deliberately trying to tank it

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    Yeah I've heard it's all just putt alone now, and I agree they've put a ton of work in to it. They had to have their secret angel investor save the day, because they wrote the site in C# .NET and so they have to pay $6k/mo in Azure licensing fees (before any server fees or domain costs or anything). That was such a bad decision, it forced the secret angel investor scenario, and now who knows what the heck is going on behind the curtain

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    thank you. also great band.

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    thank you.

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    I've never visited Voat but this is what I see