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The impetus for the war against Afghanistan thence Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen was the claim the Taliban Government of that country had provided safe haven to alleged 911 plotter Osama bin Laden - who denied guilt - in violation of US Law.

And despite the Taliban had said it would facilitate his extradition if evidence were forthcoming which fell on deaf ears in Washington .. Jews are now known to have perpetrated the attacks, aided by their co conspirators in US politics and news dissemination.

In superb irony and in view of the fact the real Jewish 911 terrorists have been granted free passage in Brisbane, Australia the war for providing safe haven for terrorists should have been against Australia.

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Here's a video about anti-Zionist Jews which shows that 'Jews' are in no ways a cohesive singular group.

Here's some cool Jew activists protesting at AIPAC:

If you just use 'Zionists' instead you will be more accurate and your messages will be better received. It is some PC bullshit maybe but this is 2019 and that is the only way you will reach people, if that's what you're even trying to do. Even Henry Ford used a qualifier 'international' Jew.

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if that's what you're even trying to do

It isn't. This is Amalek, he's trying to turn the site into a honeypot.

Fun fact. One time he doxxed a kid and got him fired from his job at CVS for anti-Semitism because, to quote - "he went after me and I have a right to defend myself". The guy should be in jail.

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Is he a Zionist trying to smear SaidIt as anti-semitic? Geeze doxxing kids is bad karma.