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Here is piece of that interview;

Newman: Who is the real Anthony Fauci, and why should we be concerned? He’s not a friendly public health expert that we see on TV? Kennedy: “Anthony Fauci is the architect of agency capture within the public health agencies. He has orchestrated the transformation of HHS [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services] from a public health agency to an incubator for pharmaceutical products and a promoter of the Big Pharma agenda.

He’s the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. He’s managed to stay for 50 years in office, I show in my book, not by actually accomplishing any measurable successes in public health — public health has declined dramatically under his regime — but rather by serving the interests of pharmaceutical companies — by helping make this country the most pharmaceutical dependent nation in the world.

We take three times more pharmaceutical drugs than the average in other western nations. We pay the highest prices for those drugs, and we have by far the worst health outcomes in the entire developed world. We’re 79th in the world in terms of our total health outcomes.

This generation of children that has come of age during Tony Fauci’s regime — since 1984 — is the sickest generation in history.
When he came into NIH [National Institutes of Health] chronic disease rates [in our children] in our country were around 6%. Today they’re 54%.
By chronic disease, I mean, not just obesity, but neurodevelopmental diseases like ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, tics, narcolepsy, Tourette’s syndrome, autism. Autism has gone from one in every 10,000 people in my generation — which it still is today — to one in every 34 kids in my children’s generation.

During Tony Fauci’s administration, food allergies appeared in 1989. Peanut allergies, celiac diseases, wheat allergies, all these other food allergies, then autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, lupus became epidemic.
These were all diseases that were basically unknown in the 1960s, and the science traces them to innovations that Tony Fauci controlled.
You can’t completely blame Tony Fauci — one person — with this cascade, this tsunami of chronic disease.

Tony Fauci’s job at NIAID [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] is to research the sources of these chronic diseases and immune diseases and allergic diseases and then help us eliminate them — identify the causes.
We know it’s an environmental toxin, it has to be. Genes don’t cause epidemics.

What I show in the book is, [is that] rather than doing that research, he spends virtually his entire $7.7 billion budget developing new drugs for pharmaceutical companies and doing bioweapons research for the Pentagon and for the military-industrial complex.
$1.6 billion a year of his budget goes to essentially weapons development — bioweapons research.

He’s the highest-paid individual in the federal government. He receives $434,000 a year — that is $34,000 more than the president of the United States. He has many, many other sources of income along with that job.
Sixty-eight percent of that budget comes from his management of bio-weapons research, and that’s why he was forced to do the gain-of-function studies in Wuhan and to manage them in Wuhan, because the Pentagon is paying him to do that kind of research and if he [doesn’t] he would lose the bulk of his salary.

Newman: So where does Bill Gates fit into this picture? He’s the friendly guy with the sweater vest, and he’s just giving away billions to improve public health, and yet your book suggests that there is a darker side to all this as well.
Kennedy: Gates summoned Anthony Fauci to his $87 million mansion on the banks of Lake Washington in Seattle in the year 2000 and proposed a partnership between the two that would eventually mandate a barrage of different vaccinations by 2020 to every man, woman and child on the earth.
They re-christened their effort in 2009, the “Decade of Vaccines.” They promised that by 2020, children — everybody on earth would be vaccinated — not just by one vaccine, but a whole host of vaccines.
Gates is heavily invested in virtually all the companies that make all of these vaccines.
He uses his philanthropy — he calls it philanthrocapitalism because it’s not really philanthropy.

He takes $33 billion and shields it from taxes, so we’re actually paying for his policies.
Then he has used that money to capture control of the global public health policy. He basically owns the WHO [World Health Organization].
He’s created a series of quasi-governmental organizations that dictate global health policy GAVI, CIFI and other ones that he’s heavily invested in and controls like the Brighton Collaboration.

He uses his control of those agencies to require developing nations — Africa, Asia, Latin America — to mandate vaccines to their populations. Those countries, for example African countries, are heavily dependent on WHO for the money that supports their health ministries and that supports their HIV [acquired immunodeficiency syndrome] programs.

What Gates and the WHO do is tell those countries, you have to have a certain amount of uptake for Gates’ polio vaccines, for his DTP vaccines.
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If, for example, 70 or 80% of your population does not get those vaccines, you will not get your health ministry money.
The vaccines that they’re buying are vaccines that are made by companies in which he is personally invested and the Gates Foundation is personally invested.
When independent organizations, like the Danish government, have actually looked into whether or not those vaccines are saving lives — which Gates claims — they found that just the opposite is true.

For example, the most popular vaccine in the world, the DTP vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis), which Gates had promoted in Africa and Asia for many, many years as life-saving, tens of millions of children.
When the Danish government financed a study in 2017 — the Danish government plus the Statens Serum Institut in Denmark, and another vaccine company — financed a study, they looked at thirty years of records in Africa, to see how children were doing — who had gotten the vaccine compared to children who didn’t.
What they found was that girls who got that vaccine — while they were protected against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis — were dying at ten times the rate of unvaccinated girls.
The vaccine was protecting them against certain strains of certain infectious diseases, but it had obliterated their immune systems and made them extremely susceptible to minor infections and particularly to respiratory infections. Malnutrition, anemia, malaria — the other things that kill many African children, it turns out they were much less able — the vaccinated children — were much less able to fend off diseases than children whose immune systems had not been tampered with.

Newman: That is absolutely terrifying.

Kennedy: Let me add one other thing. Gates has basically transformed WHO from the development and hygiene and sanitation and economic development agency that it used to be, to an agency that basically does vaccinations.

Fifty percent of WHO’s budget goes to Gates’ vanity project, which is the polio vaccine, which most of the vaccine experts in the world — very pro-vaccine — told him from the beginning — this is not going to work.
You are not going to eradicate polio.

And today WHO admits that 70% of polio cases in the world today are caused by Gates’ vaccine.
Instead of obliterating the disease, it’s actually aggravating the problem. It’s causing epidemics in countries where polio had been eradicated, like the Congo and Afghanistan and many, many other countries.

Newman: That was even reported by the Associated Press based on WHO data. I saw it as well back in November of 2019.
So all of this begs the question, are these people doing this deliberately?
Are they evil maniacs? Or is this just well-intentioned, dumb policy, and what do you think their ultimate agenda is? Just to make money? What’s their plan?

Kennedy: That’s not a mystery to me. The same motives have incentivized people since the beginning of time, which is [to] accumulated power. Power over public health and the promotion of biosecurity have basically now supplanted all the other objectives of foreign policy.
It was deliberate. It was purposeful. It was promoted by these two men — by Gates and Fauci — but they had many, many allies.
As I show in my book, the intelligence agencies are deeply allied with Dr. Fauci and with Bill Gates.

They promoted a series of — the CIA actually promoted a series of simulations beginning in 2000 involving hundreds of thousands of people, and Gates and Fauci took part in these.
They were always promoted by the intelligence agencies and also by the military and the big pharmaceutical companies.
This [is a] very, very sinister alignment which I document in the book.

By the way, there are 2,200 footnotes in the book. Every sentence that I have, every factual statement, is carefully, carefully documented.
Anybody can look them up”.

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Besides Mr. Kennedy's remarks, I would like to cite Fraudci's arrogance, that makes nearly anyone seem modest by comparison. He has a small man's ego and personality although most small men get over the problem or never have it Fraudci has an ugly af gnome complex. He is just a bureaucrat and a proven liar. He lied about AIDS to help big pharna get US $8,000 a year from most so called AIDS patients by selling AZT alone. It is the most toxic "medicine" ever foisted on the sick. This time, he must be punished with extreme prejudice.