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Good! I'm liberal but even I can't stand the likes of CNN and MSNBC. All they have done is attacked Trump. If ya don't like em talk up polices democrats should be running on. Hell just talk about policy! Talking about other important things. No lie I was thrilled when the report came out. The egg on the face of MSM. They got exactly what they deserve.

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Corporate Democrats don't represent the left any more, if they ever did.

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As they should. People actually changing their behavior based on the fact the MSM lied to them gives me a little hope

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How do you figure they lied?

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They basically perpetuated the idea that the russian collusion was a foregone conclusion in such a certain manner, and now that it has been legally rejected, it is causing serious repercussions to the people passing the fiction it was a certain fact.

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By your logic, O.J. didn't kill his wife, you know, because an all black jury acquited him. He didn't do it, right? Go ahead and suggest otherwise, make a liar out of yourself.

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But there's been all these claims of overwhelming evidence, that just doesn't really seem to exist. They're making mountains out of molehills. Let's compare this to Hillary's literal selling of Uranium to Russia, and 20% of campaign funding by Qatar and Bahrain, which seems to have completely faded away from discussion despite doing this while Secretary of State.

It's obvious this has been a political ploy from the beginning, and the Russia-phobia the media has engaged in over the last 4 years has been ridiculous. It's like they're trying to start the cold war again... it's like McCarthyism has been brought back to life, but this time by the democrats.

I am just so tired of it all. The whole thing is such an obvious farce. It's obstructionism from a party that spent the last 10 years whining nonstop about being obstructed.

I don't even like Trump. I don't like any of this. But it's a blockade while the military-industrial complex goes on adventures costing the taxpayers literally trillions of dollars, while our cities decay and crumble and our schools close from underfunding, and we have the largest prison population in world history, both in raw numbers and per-capita.

So the idea people are turning away from the pied piper of the divide-and-conquer media does actually bring me a bit of hope, and I feel like that's perfectly justified.

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But there's been all these claims of overwhelming evidence, that just doesn't really seem to exist.

According to a Trump appointee. Forgive me if I, and most other people, don't trust a Trump appointee.

Let's compare this to Hillary's literal selling of Uranium to Russia

20% of campaign funding by Qatar and Bahrain

link please? I googled it, I find nothing.

It's obvious this has been a political ploy from the beginning, and the Russia-phobia the media has engaged in over the last 4 years has been ridiculous.

Well I asked you how the media lied, I didn't really get an answer, but it also seems that you're getting information from unreliable sources.

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Snopes is tots unreliable.

All the corporate media does is lie. Start from that premise and try to prove them right.

The "mainstream" corporate media propaganda culturally engineers opinions to manufacture consent from the malleable masses. People don't naturally want endless war, suffering, and poor living conditions. The MSM are as essential to the totalitarian corporatocracy as the illusion of government, police and military, the rigged judicial and voting and banking systems - all designed to manipulate, divide, and exploit us all to the max.

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I think you believe what you believe because you want to believe it, not because your own information sources are any more reliable. You trust them only because, somehow, they speak to you.

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Inversely. I'm skeptical of all sources.

I didn't come to the conclusion lightly that the corporatocracy, government and corporations, including media, are out to deceive, divide, manipulate, and exploit us all.

I don't know anyone who wants more wars much less to fund the military over getting health care and education and a fulfilling life rather than debt slavery and meager wages.

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The biggest problem with your conspiracy theories, IMO, is not even there lack of factual basis, it's that they violate Occam's razor. The notion that Hillary Clinton is secretly friendly with Russia, somehow despite all the obvious evidence to the contrary, would require many people to burn lots of calories in the process of maintaining a grand and astonishingly pointless charade. Nature dictates that animals and people tend to try to burn as few calories as possible, path of least resistance in matters of survival, which is what gives rise to laziness, innovation, Occam's razor, and makes unnecessarily complex conspiracy theories highly improbable.

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The 14 page report provided evidence of nothing. Anyone who actually read it at the time could understand that.

Hillary did receive funding from Saudi Arabia

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Actually there's an abundance of proof that OJ didn't kill her. He's not innocent of other stuff by a long mile but of that crime, only in the media is he really guilty. That's in part to create confusion and division. If you want to know more, here's a couple places to start:

As far at the "mainstream" corporate media version of Russiagate, well that's all bullshit.

On the other hand Trump has deep ties to the Jewish Russian Mafia who helped bail his Trump Tower out. The fake story helps cover this up as well as Hillary Clinton's Uranium One Deal. If you want to know more about the OTHER REAL Russiagate, check out the earlier part of these:

Also all this bull about Russia distracts us from attacking our corrupt leaders on real issues like our crumbling infrastructure, education, and expensive wars that only profit the rich.

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So what you're saying, then, is that the courts are the arbiters of absolute truth and fiction. Jussie Smollett loves and shares in your POV.

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I never said any such thing.

I don't think you have a clue what my POV is, or even tried to find out.

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Rachel Maddow’s ratings plummet since conclusion of Mueller probe - NY Post

Rachel Maddow’s audience plummeted 19 percent since the Justice Department announced the special counsel investigation turned up no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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I'd rather be a truther than a liar.