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We have a small lefty wing in our family. They all got the shots. Then they all got Covid-19. That slapped the smug look right off their faces. One of them is an RN married to an MD. Guess who ended up in the hospital.

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That what you fuckin get!

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The headline appears to be a misunderstanding of what the chap said.

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but why would rw media lie

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Honest misunderstanding. His words:

"if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of developing severe disease or dying is better than if you were not vaccinated and then become infected with Delta."

Here "better" is ambiguous. Ordinarily "better" means greater or higher, ie numerically a larger value. However, in this context, it appears he intends to convey that there is a lower risk, given that severe disease or dying is considered a negative outcome. A better word than "better" here would be "lower".