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Yes, and if we eradicate mosquitoes and cockroaches, we will halt all sorts of diseases borne by those organisms.

What diseases are born by cockroaches?

You've got this God complex going on which I will continue to call you out on.

Do I? How so?

You are not going to eradicate this bug.

The virus is a human virus now. If you vaccinate everyone, you will wipe it out. Just as we wiped out smallpox all those years ago.

How about influenza?

Such as corona-viruses?

You're not going to get all of them, as there are animal reservoirs from which they can jump. But the particularly nasty ones like COVID-19 and SARS and MERS have been economic to kill off completely.

That one's killed a lot more children than our current "bug-du-jour".

Sort of. Not really fair, since this is a subset of those. It's certainly the only one that's had a decent kill rate in the last nearly two years. Lockdowns and hand hygiene have absolutely done for other strains.

How's your eradication campaign going there?

We got SARS. The annual vaccine helps against the others.

Eradication is a pipe-dream

It is if we keep getting Russian influencers successfully encouraging us to kill ourselves by avoiding the vaccines. But you can eradicate a disease that doesn't have an animal reservoir by curing it in all the people.

and it is one of the most dangerous concepts you are selling when it comes to actually addressing a virus which - once it was clear it could not be contained in Wuhan - clearly needs to be controlled.

It's not dangerous to eradicate a disease that's killing people.

By far the most powerful tool in the epidemiological arsenal for endemic viruses is the natural human immune system.

Which is the basis of how vaccines work.

Our species has been co-existing with bugs like this for thousands of years.

We had an infant mortality rate of 50% for thousands of years.. Thank science, we do much better than then now.

But far far more people are going to die because of your bull-headed insistence that you are capable of controlling respiratory viruses more effectively than human evolution has been doing quite successfully over the past several thousand years.

We're already far far better than back before we had vaccines and antibiotics. Child mortality is now less than 5%, a more than 10-fold reduction globally.

Your delusions of control cause far more harm than good.

Look up some history. Medicine is good.