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She should spend just two to three minutes hearing Doc McCullough talk about the majority of the mod RNA vaccinated testing positive on the D-Dimer test, and what the likely result of micro clotting would be over the course of some months. I hope she does, and changes her mind on time.

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Apologies for disagreeing with the anti-vax community here, but:

The article is filled with all of the usual anti-vax disinformation, and absolutely no evidence that the AstraZeneca shot caused this person's problems. They've not even tried to verify or prove a correlation between the vaccine shot and the requirement for brain surgery, as the latter can happen to anyone at any time for other reasons. There is also no evidence among the millions of other people who've received the vaccine that they had any problems with their brains therafter. But of course we're to see this one-off instance of this lady's problems as a result of the vaccine, even when it would be a billion-in-one chance AND there is absolutely no evidence that the vaccine caused the problems. Anyone agreeing with this must be extremely gullible and lacking in critical thinking skills, among other problems.

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Even if it was the vaccine, one person reacting this way isn't a big deal. If there is a serious problem we won't have one lady stroking out, we will see hundreds of thousands of cases.

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Give it time.

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It's only just to blame vaccination for what the disease was blamed for before with no evidence.

Not solely spite: media and government have incentive to not blame pharmaceuticals for anything.

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There's more considered reporting from the ABC

This is one of 87 cases of clotting from the 6.1 million doses of AstraZeneca administered in Australia. Two of them have resulted in death. There have been 924 deaths from COVID.

The risk is there. It's about 1 in a hundred thousand. The mRNA vaccines are safer, but AstraZeneca is much safer than Covid, and as safe as the yellow fever vaccine I got a decade ago, which had complications at about 1 in 100,000.

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Yes - and it seems that there has been no extended investigation of AstraZeneca and blood clots for younger people. Governments are giving it to other countries, indicating that their approaches are much more circumspect. In recent months, the Pfizer version has been given in the UK, where it seems they stopped using the AZ version.

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High Iq move

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Glutton for punishment.

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In Australia, 12.2 million doses have been given out. It sucks what happened to this lady but there will always be a small number of people who have an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Being that there are no stories about tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Aussies having the same reaction shows that the COVID19 vaccine is safe.



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You missed the m