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    covid is real, but the response to it is out of all proportion. Covid is no more deadly than the flu, and has a number of viable treatments.

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    Indeed. No one is saying covid isn't real, just the boot stepping on humanity's proverbial face is also too real. NWO just started.

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      unknown possibility

      yeah. So let's not use fear / FUD to drive us, eh. 'unknown possibility' is applicable to everything. The health risk of 5G is "unknown". should we tear down all the towers?

      the health risk of a lifetime of internet use is 'unknown', the health risk of masks is 'unknown', the health risks of the vaccine are 'unknown'.

      I think comparing covid to SARS or MERS is just as valid as comparing to the cold or flu

      You'd be utterly wrong. Covid-19 is a CNS demyelinating disease, easily treatable with omega-3, vitamin D and zinc. The only long term health consequences are from suppressing evidence of the actual disease mechanism and the viable treatments.

      SARS or MERS are actual respiratory diseases that kill people

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        SARS and MERS are both coronaviruses that have more in common with the underlying mechanisms of covid infection than the flu does.

        This is one of my 'expert' subjects. Covid is a demyelinating CNS disease. (as indeed seen with sars and mers) . The respiratory 'distress' is due to demyelination, not lung infection, and the progress of symptoms fits coronavirus MS models perfectly. By the time you see respiratory problems, you've missed the window of opportunity to prevent significant risk, although as long as you don't treat with respirators, there will be no long term lung damage, although significant risk from future demyelinating diseases.

        Treatment is, as it always has been, to enable glial reconstruction of the myelin sheath by providing omega-3, vitamin D and zinc

        That the WHO and CDC fail to advise treatment of the demyelination shows me how much they want us dead.

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          why compare based on IFR instead of comparing to diseases with IFR thousands of time higher?

          the disease are similar in infection route, yes, but far from similar in lethality. flu and covid-19 are equally 'endemic', due to infection spread and lack of mortality. SARS and MERS are well contained and far from endemic, as they are rapidly deadly.

          The demyelinating aspect is absolutely critical, and I'm amazed that it isn't common knowledge. There's plenty of data out there

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            I get that you know very little about the subject. That's fine. You should remember that DK is very real, and you are in full display

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            99% survival, not worth a lockdown

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              a lockdown is never a good idea unless also bailing out the poor and middle class and business owners who suffer. Sure fed govt with trump was never going to bail them out, the one time $1200 was actually kind of surprising that they gave that out but that lasts like a week or two for people trying to survive. So states then should do bailouts if they are ordering lockdowns. Ok is that hard because they can't print their own money? OK go into debt then, it's worth it cuz of muh emergency right? No? Hmmmm.

              Truth is this is a scheme by the rich to consolidate power. 99.9% survival so really there is no risk. Old people die every year anyway. It was partly done to hurt the economy so Trump wouldn't win but the rich are actually kind of surprised such a huge power grab worked so they're probably going to keep this going for a little longer.

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                no they haven't and their unconstitutional now they were also used in the spanish flu of 2018 but that was also unconstitutional

                Really no countries have had a succesful lockdown now small island nation s that closed the borders have but can't really do that in USA, not after it was already brought here from italy and china

                Now though they are just closing businesses, some businesses, ones that aren't in good with the ruling class, walmart gets to stay open. This is only done to hurt small businesses. Some big chain restaurants like appebies are also being hurt but they weren't favored, the rich don't like to go there.

                You can tell this is fake because of the politicians who order businesses closed also go out to eat and party, they just read their lines they are provided for but know it's not really needed. Even if you catch covid it's gone in a week.

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                  against first amendment

                  thailand now that could be they are testing less, or also could be the are being truthful unlike here where they say a lot of people died of covid who didn't actually have it

                  they didn't lock down businesses but then again thats because they don't have any because they're a third world shithole.

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                    can't shut down businesses, hence why fed govt ain't doing it and biden said he won't, unconstitutional. States are but they're not actual laws, just suggestions, the guy that got arrested recently and pulled out of his bar will sue. Thailand's a hellhole who cares about them.

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                      Lock n Load if we want to keep our Republic. You lot never rebel unless a government orders you. So sit tight, and await orders.