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My offer: I'll repost anything anyone wants to The Corbett Report members forum.

I know how hard it can be to have no means to pay-to-play in online discussions, but that's another story, so in that spirit I actually have something to offer.

James Corbett gifted me a membership, without expiry it seems, because I wrote an encyclopedic article about him that was cited by Prop-Or-Not that was cited by The Washington Post as "Fake News", back in 2016 or 2017. (If you really want more details I can dig some up. I've stated this story elsewhere on SaidIt and beyond so much it's tiresome.)

The article:

Unfortunately my offers to animate with/for him were ignored. So now I'm doing my own truther things, here on SaidIt: /s/GlossedOver Content Overview.

I can't guarantee anything else. I don't know if he reads every single comment. Many of my comments go seemingly unnoticed. There are more members than ever and they're all bringing their A-game. I've tried countless times to get Corbett to check out and interview the founder magnora7 for a nice interview.
I suggest it pretty much every time I'm compelled to use my privilege to comment there.

I'll try to mention this subsaidit everytime too. I don't expect a response. Since I spoke to Sam last his show has blown up, and he hasn't acknowledged that /s/TinFoilHat exists. So too, even my comments to Holly about her show /s/ZoonPolitikon go unnoticed. You won't likely get an email response either. C'est la vie.

Sadly I don't fully utilize that privilege. I find reading comments is usually tedious, even if they are full of information. Same goes for just watching videos. I have to be multitasking, so audio/video allows me to listen while doing other stuff. I feel like I can't even be a good Saidhead and read all the great stuff here. That's likely why I never became a Redditor.

Q: Will this be a Corbett Report sub, to post all TCR videos?

Or is there another criteria for posting in this sub?

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I will take you up on your offer.

About that e-mail response, I actually did get one. Unfortunately, I was silly in the e-mail and failed to notice that my search actually did give the quote: 'Well, that's the problem, isn't it?' in the book (, which gave him a bad impression of me ('If you are unable to even research a simple quote like this, I do not hold high hopes for your ability to fact check claims in general.'). Oh well. He did not respond to the suggestion of my spaces.

A: This is a sub to post ALL of the Corbett Report's works, including articles, podcasts and so on, not just videos.

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Thank you.

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Whether he reads it or not, The Corbett Report membership has been notified that this sub exists:

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Okay, thank you. Perhaps also tell them about the notabug topic as well? (

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They know about it now, if they checked the link after your comment, or if they read my added response:

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Thanks a lot!