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Regarding Corbett's ask for culture jamming ideas to counter the propaganda...

I already composed an email for friends: /s/Coronavirus/comments/3o86/my_cautionary_email_to_my_normie_friends/

And I've sent some follow ups, only with a few select simple links.

I've also started to select the best few things appropriate for normies from each day to share with them, but not overwhelm them. I've considered reaching out to the SaidIt community, again to resurrect this idea now with this COVID thing, to foster an aggregator's team to compile a daily, weekly, and/or monthy newsletter compilations of the best of the best 1) for normies 2) to be brief but informed 3) with skepticism of the MSM 4) saving them time.

So far today this week, not much stands out to me, but I will add things here during this day to include in today's email: