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Eventually, after I finish my epic /s/BittersweetSeeds story, it should be clear, ideally, that the theme and message of Corbett's video will be core to my project - about the struggle of growing a new system from within the old.

I really liked his video but I don't really see why he's presenting it as some kind of new epiphany or fresh perspective. This is not new to my story either.

Early on, before I had many of the core elements nailed down I was still throwing around a lot of ideas. One of those ideas was to be "progressive" with a female protagonist. I didn't care about virtue signaling. Before 2013, I wanted a female to be a contrarian, different than the majority with more unique creative options. I figured there'd be lots of new ground to explore, and as a woman there are plenty of "underdog" issues to riff off. But I simply couldn't make it work. Back then I was trying to develop the ultimate villain who might represent the corporatocracy. If it's a evil woman, there are "bitch" stereotypes to avoid, not to mention the majority of ruling class fields are dominated by men. While being creative and original I was also trying to reflect many realities of our corrupted world - so I felt woman executive was pushing beyond just "unique" like putting a hat on a hat. On the other hand, if the antagonist is a man, then it's a dude bullying a girl - and while that might help in some ways there's also the male patriarchy crap to deal with.

So, for a long time I was developing my protagonist to be part of a family without favouring toward the mother or father but gradually the father dominated and many other elements cemented into place before I ultimately realized there need not be a singular antagonist, like some typical action thriller. This epiphany that the entire system was the adversary (ie. as in Wall-E) was a breakthrough and relief, but it also raised more non-traditional narrative problems to overcome. I hope to delve into that elsewhere at another time. Meanwhile, I'll copypasta this comment into my Bittersweet Seeds project, where in addition to my story I'll be sharing my motives, developments, hurdles, and processes of writing it over the last 19 years.

I still have so much more work to do scraping it out of my head and into a cohesive and tight narrative, with character arcs, social commentary, cautionary concepts, futurist imaginings, science, architecture, aesthetics, a cinematic composition for each shot, with a sense of editing and pacing - all with a holistic director's vision. I was building it on this SaidIt wiki, but it has limits through no fault of it's own. So since New Years I'll be building and developing the content on InfoGalactic with a more powerful wiki tool set with media all in one place. But don't fret, I will occasionally update and mirror all my content there on WikiSpooks and here on SaidIt as things develop and I hope you might share your honest feedback when I do, no matter how long it takes me.

I don't recommend looking at it for a while, if you even care, as I've only barely started. Come back in two or three months to