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Strange how he was on 24 hr watch and yet was able to commit suicide, anyway when he was involved with reddit we enjoyed it. Now reddit is just a tabloid magazine that will ban you for having opposing opinions.

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He never actually went to jail. He killed himself because he was probably going to.

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Sorry but the feds had him in a 24 hr watch, they monitored his every move, phone calls.

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I believe his mom was watching him but left for a bit. Beforehand she made him promise not to hurt himself. Once he was alone he offed himself.

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Out there somewhere is a documentary, his mom and girlfriend talked about the FBI hounding him non stop and I could be wrong but locked him up for a short time. His girlfriend said he was under a lot of stress fighting his case and the night before he seemed to be in good spirits and suspected the FBI had something to do with his death. Either way Aaron Swartz knew to much and wanted the world to see it. FBI did not

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That would not surprise me. I know if he did commit suicide it was because they drove him to, and intentionally. It's blatantly obvious, no one else other than Orange Man would get such a ludicrous punishment over downloading articles, and they knew he couldn't handle it.

I have to wonder if spez and kn0thing were in on it.

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Watch the documentary, all he wanted was live a normal life offering free information. Governments hated his ideas.

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So does dude even have a Copyright or is he just butt hurt he doesn't.