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Because r/The_Cabal is trying to run the GamerGate formula on Reddit moderators, and mobilise an army of angry, bitter, violent harassers to make the lives of Reddit moderators horrible. "A cabal of feminazi /SJW Reddit moderators" is the exact way GamerGate characterised the non-bigot, non-catering-to-them cultures on Reddit. If anyone could be called a cabal, it's them: Obama_Brigade is a suspension evasion account for /u/RamBarusu (suspended for harassment connected with white supremacists); CrystalVulpine, AwwFoxes, vu1ptex, DefaultMods are all controlled by the same person (who has been permanently suspended by Reddit including being served notice by Reddit legal to not attempt to use Reddit again in any way, shape or form); ThomasJeffersonMod is a suspension evasion account for a former WatchRedditDie moderator that was suspended for trying to reverse-engineer Reddit's anti-doxxing sitewide content filters to get around them (specifically, for attempting to find ways to get around the filters that prevent harassing specific women employees of Reddit who are the subject of white supremacist / anti-Semitic harassment campaigns); and one of the few remaining not-permanently-booted-off-the-site moderators of that subreddit has spent the past however many years demanding that moderators be suspended from the site if they remove items / ban users without being instructed to do so by a court of law (no, really), and engaging in other various schemes to intimidate moderators from banning trolls, while also spending multiple hours a day harassing the admins, opening and operating Alex Jones-esque misinformation subreddits about the Covid-19 health crisis, and tirelessly trying to manufacture a veneer of respectability and "concern" for the horde of racist, misogynist, LGBTQ-misic bigots that want nothing more than to persecute and abuse and shout down others. He's also worked hard to extort people into installing moderator accounts he controls so that he has access in subreddits he shouldn't have access in, and has permitted multiple campaigns of harassment to be carried on in subreddits he "moderates" (but does not actually moderate, because moderation is a verb, and everything he goes into, he goes into to make extreme - Extreme "Free Speech"). They don't evidence any understanding that freedom of association (and freedom from association) is a necessary prerequisite of free speech, and that other people than they have a right to free speech and use of Reddit and their own cultures, without being drowned out by an automated horde of abuse dropped on them for speaking their minds. I linked you to the Wikipedia article because those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The people who created WRD, DIC, The_Cabal and the rest of that ecosystem have every appearance of carrying on the propaganda messages of Willis Carto [SPLC entry, Wikipedia] and Liberty Lobby. Liberty Lobby is famous for pushing antisemitism and white nationalism under the guise of "America First!"; It was nominally a Conservative anti-Communist organisation (what today we'd call a PAC or a thinktank); It had two major publications: a weekly newspaper called The Spotlight, which acted as a recruiting tool across the political spectrum by being salonfahige in its language, as well as Conspiracy Against Freedom!, which - in its opening paragraph paraphrases the opening paragraph of Goebbels' Der Jude, an Der Angriff. It is an entire book about how the org lost lawsuits against the ADL and how eeevilll the ADL is. Carto contributed to the third Presidential campaign of George Wallace, and the org he made to do so he then converted into the National Youth Alliance, which became the National Alliance. He also worked with the man who wrote The Turner Diaries, and founded the infamous Institute for Historical Review, which existed to promote Holocaust Denialism. Carto's and Liberty Lobby's main point of contention was that "The right to freedom of speech is under attack in America by The Jews". That America was Declining into Censorship that America was Dying because of Jewish influence that the ADL was the manifestation in America of the Elders of Zion etc. Willis Carto repeatedly denied that he was anti-Semitic, that he was fascist, that he was following Nazi tenets and Nazi works -- instead he described himself as an adherent to the political philosophy of Thomas Jefferson.

Which name should ring a bell to anyone studying WRD and DIC and The_Cabal. ---- It's also not a secret that while WRD was in operation, it was heavily audienced by anti-semitic white nationalists.

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Twitter has NO tranny moderators. Yay.