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Literally every comment I got when I posted a right-ish leaning website to Reddit's /r/politics.

"Didn't read. Shit hole trash conservative site!"

People on the right can't not read leftist sites. On the other hand, people on the left rarely consume any right-leaning content.

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A more fitting title would be "Consume Left Wing Corporate Controlled Media". Now if only there was a way to incorporate the take over of the leftest by the Democratic National Committee and the banking interests in that cartoon, and we would have a complete narrative.

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Incorporating countless ideas into a single cartoon is how you get lefty memes.

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Right. You seem to be implying that constructing a narrative in a comic, somehow generates biased left wing propaganda?

"Incorporating countless ideas"

Having trouble counting to 1 are we? OK. Tell me the difference between these two concepts and I will ignore you.

"People don't believe right wing media as factual, due to preformed bias of their party"

"left wing media is corrupt, and controls the narrative"

Hint: The first one, from your comic, points a finger at a white man wearing a tee shirt, the second one points a finger at those in control of the flow of information, and money. Oops, I guess, I implied it was you pushing left wing propaganda.

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Does that mean memes of the right appeal to simpletons?

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Is any source not biased in some way?

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Oh course - anything is biased to some degree.
That's the thing, though - specific leftist platforms are accepting heavily biased sources when they're biased towards one specific side of the scales, while claiming the reason they don't accept the other sources is because "they're biased" (aka at least somewhat more right leaning than Karl Marx).

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"Specific [whatever] platforms" should be called out specifically to not lump them all in together and poison the well of information, regardless their tribes and biases.

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Great to see you kings here!

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Doesn't matter if it's left or right-leaning; is it factual?

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pretty soon that's all we'll be allowed to consoom