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And you people mix up free market capitalists and statists all the time.

Which type of free market capitalist are you? The Darwinian Chicago school of economics type, or the classical economics social capitalist?

We are allowed to confuse you if you do it to us intentionally.

I'm actually confused about why you've made so many assumptions about me, cause I'm still trying to understand your hilarious message.

Besides, show me a state communism that didn't turn out like them. Communism advocates for the use of the state. Just read marx's 10 pillars of communism. All but maybe two either require a state, directly reference a state, or have no relevancy without the assumption of a state. Marxism is statism. If he said that marxism doesn't have a state then he's been very inconsistent with all his other writings. If your ideology isn't statist then you've created a new ideology and you should own that. That's fine. All marxist regimes have been as bad or similar to the bolsheviks.

Sure. Well, I also oppose all forms of state violence/oppression.
Communist,. Socialist, or otherwise. So, we're probably in agreement.

Now what do you got for me?

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Man, people really like to argue with each other on this site, even when they agree with each other.

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Unfortunately, I'm a habitual dissenter.

I sometimes feel bad about it