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Everywhere, literally everyone hates america and wishes all cities were nuked. I am not even joking or being ironic, literally everyone I know wishes that every single american, no exception, would be killed by a nuclear attack

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They have their reasons, obviously. Not many people can distinguish between the American people, who aren't evil, they're just dumb as turds, and their government. The external perception is dictated by the American nation's foreign policies, which are: WAR WAR regime change WAR WAR assassination WAR WAR and so on, along with finger pointing others for committing a fraction of the crimes against humanity that they themselves are.

Foreigners just assume that Americans are either dumber than bricks and can't find a way to protest these disgusting policies, or are complicit with what their jew-controlled military are doing worldwide. How much wanton murdering of innocents would YOU endure before starting to hate whichever people is at the point of origin?

Just looking at how much hate the mexicans and blacks are getting from Americans themselves, they have no tolerance for it at all when it comes to themselves, and infinite patience when it comes to foreigners. Go figure?