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Delousing chemical!? What?

That can't be possible, because zyclon B (HCN) was version 2 of a extermination chemical; specifically designed by the Nazis for mass extermination.

It couldn't possibly have been a delousing chemical, because that would undermine part the Holocaust narrative, which must be 100% accepted as factual.

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Know what? Go fuck yourself. I don't know if you're a troll or fed or genuinely stupid, but either way, I kinda hope your balls rot off so maybe we have to deal with less of this shit in the next generation.

I could not give less of a shit about whether everything we were told about WW2 is true. I suspect it probably wasn't. I don't care if the Nazis killed 10 million people in camps or 5 million or 500,000. They still had the camps and it's not okay.

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I agree. When I got to the part where he mentioned "Holocaust narrative", I wondered if this site was actually some sort of alt-right haven I'd stumbled into. Besides, the StoneToss author is a known nazi.

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That seems to be the goal. He did this same thing to Voat under about 100 different usernames, starting with "Amalek". He whined and whined about censorship because everyone was downvoting him at first. But through a sheer persistence and force of will that can only be described as "getting paid to do this shit", he spammed the shit out of every subverse with multiple posts every hour until everyone left but the Nazis.

He did some podcasts and seems absolutely off his rocker. At one point he claimed to be jewish himself so everyone should listen to him because he knows what he's talking about.

In the end he just wants to spam small forums with his trash so everyone leaves but the trashy people. I seriously doubt he even believes this stuff, he's just trying to herd everyone back to Reddit.