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The SJW reddit admins were bound to take down subs engaged in wrongthink. Fortunately the new sub is /s/GenderCritical

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You clowns are going to be relegated to the sewers forever. Over on Reddit everybody's laughing at how pathetic and buggy this site is, conservatives can't do anything on their own lol. A bunch of pathetic clowns lol.

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Keep wasting your time kiddo.

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Keep wasting your time kiddo.

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Refreshing. I had a chuckle!

Your comics suffer a little from jpeg artifacts, which impacts text readability. By taking a little time to look at your export process, you should be able to get much cleaner results.

I advise trying .png format (lossless compression). Here's a page to explain the differences where you can compare results. I suspect for your comics, PNG-8 is fine.

Note you can save some file size with png by tweaking the settings. If you are limited on site traffic, this is important. You can optimise images offline, but the noob option (I've used this) is to just use one of the simple online drag and drop tools

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Thank you! I'll definitely share these with my radfem Discord group :)

I couldn't find you on Spinster!

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You're really going to regret this when you try to have an actual career. Oh wait nevermind I just took a look at your hard work and you're never going to have a career lol. Basement dwelling loser forever.

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I got news for you, kid. The real world doesn't buy your "trans women are women" bullshit. If anyone needs to get out of their basement, it's you.

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You say that from this garbage website full of banned losers. You'd follow this cult to any dumpster, you fucking tool.

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The real losers are people like you who followed everyone into the "dumpster" because their little cult can't stand the fact it failed to silence the opposition. You will never take away our voice. Btw, this site is fine. You'd probably cry like a baby if you had to manually roll down a car window.