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The "hacker" was Seth Rich. He worked for the DNC, and was murdered by the DNC.

Avenge Seth Rich. Down with the "Democratic" party.

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That's what fox news said but even that I think is probably concocted. As is Julien Assange, who said there's no need to investigate 9/11 and if you believe they demoed the towers your crazy, according to wikileaks. They're all gatekeepers.

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That and Russia's alliance with Assad was a bit of a nuisance to their regime change plans.

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The US's geopolitical goal not entirely the Rothschilds. Go on to the Jewish Press or any Israeli corporate news site and they will tell you the great relationship Israel has with Assad. Over here in faux-alt news it seems like it would be the opposite, so something is going on behind the scenes. A massive geopolitical shift that will leave the US in the dust.

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i still find it very suspicious how assad was revealed in the panama papers, meaning their family and bloodline are part of the global elites, part of the same financial networks, yet that damning fact was never used against him during the syrian war by his 'enemies'.

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And to distract everyone from the massive influence Israel has over the US, and instead pretend as if Russia is the problem.

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Russia also has a Rothschild controlled central bank, this is a new fake cold war to make people of both countries scared

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Yes that's something I'd like to research more. I think you are correct. Technically they are banned from Russia, but I think it is all for show, basically.

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rothschilds banned from Russia? I googled that and looks like fake news saying it, then again not sure who I would trust on such a thing.

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Yes, they're apparently banned from entering Russia from what I understand. But I think it's all show anyway

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that could be true but I mean what are some sources saying it, I don't know about yournewswire or some source that also talks about UFOs and such

I wouldn't be shocked if Putin is in some kind of fight with Russia's Rothschild controlled central bank, similar to how back in the day in the US Andrew Jackson was against them but still fought their bank until it's charter ran out, but the rothschilds could just get on a phone and talk to Elvira the woman who runs it.

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Yeah you might be right, I can only find bad sources too. Which just kind of backs up the theory that it's all for show and probably isn't even real.

Russia does have more independence from the debtors than most countries do, as their debt-to-GDP ratio is quite low, I think only like 35% or so, as opposed to most of the west that is over 100%.

So they're probably not besties, but they probably don't totally hate each other either.

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They're probably besties seeing that the new economic order will be headed by Israel, China and Russia. Israel gives our tech to China all the damn time. Once Russia takes over Euro energy market we are screwed.

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I don't know about the Rothschilds, though they didn't have the greatest relationship with tzars before the October revolution. But they jave a great relationship now with Israel and the Rockefellers who in their 1960's prospect for america think tank doc. Called for a new economic world order headed by China and Russia.

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yeah the october revolution was so long ago though I doubt it's status quo is the same now

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Well, if you read some soviet defector books a lot of them and their ideologues permeate much of the oligarchic thinking in post soviet union. They expose that the soviet union, never collapses and seeing how KGB agents worked for the CIA and other US intelligence agencies, I wouldn't doubt that the idealogical subversion in the US and demoralization we see now is related to the bolshevik ideaology.

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that i can buy but an oligarchy being in control is how it goes all thru history and I woulnd't demand hard proof of something that is clearly the case, russia being anti rothschild is another story, I find it hard to believe sans proof

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Israel has great relations with Russia and China. They'll suck us dry and leave our economy in ruins once their BRIC new economic belt road initiate comes to fruition.

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hillarylostr to trump due to being too conservative, same reason she lost to obama in the 2008 primar, you may be thinking "but hillary was to the left of trump", doesn't matter, people then either chose to not vote at all or vote jill stein. And of course she still got more votes but with the electoral college that didn't matter. But the dems didn't want to be told "told you so" by true liberals and they didn't want to move left. So they made up the russia thing. Even after saying there was no chance of an election being rigged before the election.

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No, Trump has ties to Israel and Russia as does many dems. The mueller probe is gatekeeping the real internationalist connections. Kushner is even great friends with a moshiach rabbi that brought Putin to power during his KGB days.

Mueller also helped to cover up 9/11.