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In a camp. It ends with you in a camp.

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How can consumers buy consumer goods, when no one has money and everyone is locked in a camp? That's not a sustainable business model, and you'd better believe they're in it for the money

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You may have temporarily amnesia-ed yourself from the horrible truth that there is money--lots of money--in keeping people interned.

Especially when you consider the slave labor that provides to make those consumer goods.....

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It can only go so far though. They cannot put the cat back in the bag. People are accustomed to a certain level of freedom and prosperity. Look at the amount of unrest around the world already...

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Yeah. Things like automation will surely be taken advantage of in order to spread moral degeneracy in society. But the status quo will take a long time to change. They already advanced a lot in terms of censorship.

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They already advanced a lot in terms of censorship.

True, but so has people's understanding of it and lack of tolerance for it. It's forever a cat-and-mouse game. The same tactics cannot be used for too long or the masses figure them out and overcome them

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Not a religitard, but I think it's about spiritual conquest; think ultimate dominion, and control of others. Just look back at what those in control have done to people for fun through the ages.... When you can afford everything, and have no real threat to your position of power, the depths of depravity usually are unlocked as those thrills most average people simply dream of, become dull, and common to the uber wealthy.

From there, I think the technology is already in place for clones, and who knows what other 'pleasures' for the slave masters; I mean, when you can clone slaves of every flavor, then the feral ones, like us, hold little value, and are approaching time for extermination.

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Perhaps, but I think human labor is a LONG way from ceasing to be useful entirely.

And what's the joy in running an empire of robots? Those attracted to power want to own others, not own robots

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Perhaps, but I think human labor is a LONG way from ceasing to be useful entirely.

The idea of them needing us for labor, gives me warm fuzzies; really. I just don't know how long that need will exist considering automation. There's now automated boats, planes, trains, and heavy machinery; heck even automated brick layers.

Always optimistic, I like that, and need that!

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here's now automated boats, planes, trains, and heavy machinery; heck even automated brick layers.

People still have to run, fix, and build those machines. That's unlikely to change for at least another 100 years.

A human slave is always better than a robot, if you just want something that understands you and does what you say. I doubt that will change for at least a few more hundred years, at the minimum.

So we've got that going for us

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Why should I believe they are in it for the money?

Amazon most likely willingly sold Amazon Echoes for a loss, and Google, admitting it lost money by demonetizing conspiracy videos, still haven't re-monetized them. I think they're trying to control the flow of information, because most people still get their news from social media and YouTube. Imagine what they could do with a monopoly on information.

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Because they're getting paid by the government to cover the shortages. That gravy train won't last forever, and again isn't a sustainable business model.

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Gulag camp and mass surveillance with 5G tech.

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If I'm not wrong, Hulu is now under Disney as well...

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90% is under their direct control now The other 10% is being essentially handed over by Comcast. Hulu is being remade to be the adult streaming service of Disney+, their new child friendly streaming service. Comcast has a new NBC streaming service planned for a few years from now.

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Google. It ends at Google owning everything.

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Now of those companies, who are the CEO's of today and past, who are the directors and what are their political, social and geopolitical agendas?

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So I've studied a few market shares in my life. For top 5, 95% is expected.

What would the top 5 browser share be?

What would the top 5 search be?

What would the top 5 lighter manufacturers be?

More important is the top 1 and top 2. When the top 1 is 90% then you have a problem. That is search, and soon to be browsers.

Use the shannon entropy formula to determine how restricted a market is. For example if a market was 80,10,5,5. I would gladly give that up for, 60,34,4,2.

The first has 1.0219280948873624
The second has 1.2699844663844981

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But in 1983 it was like 25 companies, now it's just 5. Everything is being consolidated in monopolies, or duopolies.

If only anti-trust laws were actually enforced.

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That's why the shannon entropy forumla is so great. It tells us in somewhat more objective terms when a market is too restricted. Compared to complaining about random arbitrary actions inconsistently like Microsoft including internet explorer in their OS, (yet android provides some chrome variant and several other apps). Microsoft was a monopoly when it hit a certain market share, not when a free browser came with it.

With how arbitrarily we apply these rules a company has to be politically unpopular before anything can be done.

Then we need to adjust how we take care of monopolies. "Breaking them up" geographically doesn't work. Then you just have monopolies in different regions but no real options for consumers.

What that shannon entropy really does is calculate how predictable someone's choice is. If in a particular geographic area you can predict who they will end up using then it a monopoly.

My idea is to require them to give free advertising to competitors for a period.

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    Yup, it's already underway

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    Well, 100% of those companies are controlled by the CIA. Willian Donovan is considered the father of American intelligence and he was a knight of malta. A good part of the CIA directors have been Catholics/apprentices of the Jesuits.

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    Yes, and there are also shows like this that are blatantly written by the CIA:

    I've also heard for movies and such, they'll give you access to tanks and airplanes to shoot your movie, but in exchange they get a final revision over the script. I've heard deals like this are common.