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Finding credible sources these days is like trying to find a lost child at Disneyland

Man is that ever the truth. Good post. I really think more people need to get rooted in what's real instead of just these "he said, she said" stories from the corporate MSM. Your strategy of directly looking up the bills is just the type of thing more people need to be doing.

It'd be interesting to really tack down the specifics of what chemicals are being sprayed out of what planes, where, and paid for by who. My father used to be a pilot, and at an aviation convention he met other pilots who do cloud seeding in canada. Insurance companies pay them to create rain, to water crops that they're insuring. So it's really the insurance companies doing the cloud seeding in this canadian area.

I could envision a scenario where insurance companies ran the numbers on global warming, and the ones who stand to lose a lot of money are trying to prevent it by creating a cloud cover to reflect solar radiation to cool the earth. And then I think it might be having a lot of unintended health consequences, as the materials probably aren't that well tested or regulated.

Then also there's the cloud seeding, which could be useful for crops like I mentioned, but could also be useful for other things. Like China did it a week before the olympics to clear up the skies. Exxon's refineries are able to produce more when it's raining, because the rain cools the equipment... there's a million reasons that people with money might want it to rain.

I think a lot of this goes beyond government, in to the companies and billionaires that own government. And there might be cases of it going on that don't involve the government at all, like with the insurance companies hiring chemtrailing companies.

Not to mention most of the chemtrailing chemicals are made by Monsanto, who made agent orange, which was a defoliant but ended up causing an untold number of birth defects in vietnam. I wouldn't be surprised if we were seeing similar effects (maybe more subtle) from geoengineering chemicals. There are many strange health epidemics going on, like the sudden huge prevalence of autism and Alzheimers and other diseases, some of which might be tied to this geo-engineering if it's done regularly enough.

It's a very interesting subject.

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Never thought about looking up cloud seeding and insurance companies, I'll have to dig around there. I started going through albedo modification in scholarly articles and found that so far it has been tested through models only, except maybe in Siberia (but I can't verify this). At least, that's what has been admitted to in my few hours of digging. Will let you know if I find anything!

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Please do!