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You have found out that the cruise ship that you & your fellow passengers are on, is sinking.
There are many reasons why it is sinking, including counterfeit parts, seaworthiness certified by corrupt officials,... but most importantly the ship owners want to sink the ship (edit: for the insurance money? possibly, but nothing is certain) - they don't care for survivors (they probably don't want any survivors)
Meanwhile, the ship IS sinking
What information do you think would help passengers of the ship deal with their situation?

  1. The segments of the ship that are leaking - are counterfeit parts, who made them, how their quality have deteriorated over the years,
  2. The officials who certified seaworthiness - how the election was rigged, how elections need to be fixed, who should be voted in to replace them
  3. The ship owners - who they are, their ethnicity, how they have done this in the past, what they will do in future with the insurance money
  4. The lifeboats - where they are, how many each can fit, what supplies available on board

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I guess 4 but I don't think it's a good analogy. The people sinking our ship could care less about material gains. This is generational racial warfare against whites. If whites don't figure out about the counterfeit parts, the traitors and the ship owners they're just going to get on another sinking ship after getting saved from this one.

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Obviously 4 is the only information of significant value in that situation. The reason for that has more to do with time span than anything else however. Ships sink rather quickly. Countries sink much slower, so I'm not sure how insightful your analogy is.

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Not to trust the people who say that everything is fine because the ship is still afloat, and to realize that you're going to have to find your own way out of this mess.

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Depends on speed and passengers abilities, but everything eventually.

4 first

1 next if it could be fixed and stop the decline or slow it down.

2 since that still helps right the ship

3 so they can watch for future issues