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I am not saying this is 100% true, just saying that this seems pretty unlikely to be just pure coincidence and perhaps this would be a wise thing for everyone to investigate more... because if this is true, and it can be confirmed beyond a doubt, it would be Earth-shattering.

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Well the talking points in the videos EVENT 2 "world" 1 published are identical to the current media and government agendas being considered during a so-called pandemic that they just had a drill for two months before. CONVENIENT.

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Can you link the videos you’re talking about?

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I posted them as submissioms. Just scroll down in my feed and it will say EVENT 201 ==a description of the talk ==and then its part. I think I posted all the videos , many 5 or 6 parts.

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Scroll down in my feed until you reach 6 days ago. There is a wall of videos that say event 201. The recent ones that say Event 201 are not the actual videos. So judt scroll down 6 days into my submissions and you'll find all of them.

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The first case of COVID-19 was detected on November 17.

There's appears to be some timeline revising. Not by yourself, of course. I specifically remember the absurd notion of doctors discovering a new disease on new year's, and then the Pandemic starting at the onset of the Chinese New year's. Nonsense about pigs and bats.

We were all posting here about it the last two weeks of January.

COVID-19, also called coronavirus disease, is the name of the disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The virus and disease were first detected in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, and, as of the beginning of March 2020, have led to an outbreak in over 60 countries across the globe, including the US.

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There's a bit of a debate going on it seems, China is now saying Nov 17 is the actual date, and the international community seems to be saying "no it was dec 31". That's my read on the situation

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I think china is saying they traced the start of the virus to November, but first learned about it dec 31

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I thought the World Military Games were in Wuhan on the 18th.

Event 201 (Agenda 21) was in New York also October 18, 2019.

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It was a global simulation. Same event, same day, global simulation across multiple international cities. I mean it's possible the timing is pure coincidence, but it seems unlikely. The Military Games would be a good cover for a foreign military to sneak in to china and release the virus right next to China's only level 4 biolab.

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I agree completely.

So much so, that these schemers are running a real world PsyOp around the world, as a NWO consolidation of power.

9/11 we lost the freedom of privacy.

2020 we lost the freedom of assembly (so far).

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They're making so many moves.. It's just ridiculous.. They did everything in their power, even starting at the beginning of a new year and decade, to quickly program people into accepting this "new way of life" (which also quelled many government protests, like those that were going on for a year+ in China and France.. Everyone has forgotten about Epstein and the pedophile/human-trafficking rings for the new age).. It's insane how much is going on right now. My own life has already been impacted immensely because of the state I live in and what they're doing, and things have just begun.. They're trying so hard to convince us that this lifestyle we're living in now, is our future lifestyle for good, because our society is going to become like a "bird coupe" soon:

"Bird flu is annual and kills thousands of livestock, but we don't hear about it because it doesn't affect humans and it isn't on the news. The things is, these types of Corana Viruses stay around for seasons, generations and years, because we don't build herd immunity or antibodies, and they mutate as well. Self-quarantine, or social-distancing, in ways is our future." - That TED Talk I just linked that they just released a few days ago when everything started to shut down.

This was literally one of the first "conspiracy theories" I read as a kid, and always laughed at, and never thought would come true:

Time for the caramel popcorn before I can't have any!

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China has been owned by the same people who own America since the opium crisis. This is collusion.

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I've commented this on here before on similar threads, but this was maybe 1-2 years before Event-201. There's been a lot of foreshadowing lol.

And we all know Bill Gates has said he's for population control.

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meanwhile on reddit:

gates is managing the situation, (with all the free time gained by abandoning his position at microsoft).

wanted to post this there, but the sub wont allow text posts

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This asshole just admitted he's going to use the COVID-19 situation to pander (force) digital ID's on everyone "to show who has been recovered/tested/and has received a vaccine".

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Dead link; but yes, GOOGLE ID 2020 is real, and this is a perfect pretext for its implementation. No ID, no mark, no traveling.

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Site is down now. Archived tho! And here's another link of the image, up!

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"We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 outbreak will kill 65 million people."


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was it a stratfor prognosis saying the us population will dramatically decline in the near future? i can't remember the exact numbers, but it was shocking.

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Thanks for digging in and finding those details, much appreciated. This does change the story a little bit, but not entirely

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Watch the training videos on the Event 201 training/drill website?....Its all coincidental, they can just see into the future!! why would you even question our government? LULz Was another coincidence the leader of CDC CHINA was in the "drills" its fine......don"t worry

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Which sort of means it could be a global PsyOp to test vulnerabilities and to see if people will go along with Martial law during a time of strife. All the talking points laid out in Event 201 are no being considered by the government and its propganda wing ; the media. Coincidence?

Plus, de Blasio bursted out in laughter when he mentioned that we should all follow San Franciscos approach as well as mobilize military domestically. What was so, funny? The seem to know something that the people do not.

If this is just another rehash of the Global Pandemic drill, and the Corona Virus existed well before hand, it only now being broadcasted and propgandized by a global media and supra-national system, look for the agendas. Watch what they say. Th more you do this and compare to Event 201, the more ot becomes clear that they, including all the G7 countries and those who were at the drill are following a script.

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Yeah well, Contagion also saw into the future al'ost the same way, then.

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The Conscious Resistance "COVID-19: Whose Bio-weapon is it?"

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Look at that Harvard professor who was arrested for attempting to smuggle biological material to China right around that time.

Here's their official video on the event: the homepage

They mention an antiviral drug being released that is initially effective but people end up relapsing later. News from Japan yesterday:

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And his dad was a eugenicist I think.

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His father is also the former head of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is also eugenics operation.

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As is he.

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What would incentivize Gates to do so?

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Georgia Guide Stones

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Billionaires Building Bunkers.

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The Pirbright Institute, patent owners of Coronavirus

i'd like to buy one coronavirus please

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What can be stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

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Also, the patent is on a gamma CoV, while the current pandemic is a beta CoV.

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That's why I put 5 sourced links