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What a weird article. It almost seems like disinfo itself, tbh.

I later came to find out that the government makes a lot of these conspiracy videos themselves to scare and confuse the public

Maybe perhaps like this article? I didn't really see anything substantive other than a guy who was in denial, then suddenly got super paranoid, then realized he was being paranoid and stopped being paranoid. I see little about any actual conspiracies, just this guy hand-wringing about coincidences in his own life, that he then later decides are just coincidences. Maybe I'm missing something.

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It was weird. I was thinking that if he's travelling internationally and making deals with the Sauds, then of course people are going to be paying attention to him, not related to any conspiracy.

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Lollll amongst other thoughts while reading it, mine included "mr. kelsey, it sounds to me like in your tales, you're being an idiot, and people are treating you like an idiot, I don't see a conspiracy here." :D

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I agree, so weird, this article was a TRIP! In all openness, I had to skim the last part to save myself. I'm amazed at the terribleness... My initial reaction is "yyeeeahh suuure ok prettyboy" (and I can say that because I'm a girl and I do think he's pretty in that pic lol mkay irrelevant).

And then, as I was reading, a new-to-me idea occurred... I agree it seems like disinformation/propaganda... this piece seemed heavily persuasive and seemed to be written for a younger audience... I'm 28, and the "author" looks close enough to my age, but this crapola was obviously written for teens/early 20s... especially with the uncertainty he's always oozing...I call bs but I still learned something!

Edit: added "suuure" to further emphasize sarcasm

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It's a fair observation, and to some extent I myself got that impression as well. I can't say for sure either way, but it was an interesting read.