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Nailed it Corbett! How many other guys list their sources? Kaboom!

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Some people need to have the info in one minute and I kinda like it myself. The David Dilley talks take longer but listening to him is really worth it. We are right now moving into a cooling cycle. His talks are two years old but that is nothing when talking about these cycles within cycles. Glad you liked it.

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I agree, this format of a short info filled video is great. I'm growing weary of these 'monetizable' 1h 30m podcasts that have tons of fluff. I can only watch like 1 a week.

Yeah the cooling cycle thing wouldn't surprise me. Climate change happening on other planets is very interesting too.

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The one I'm listening to now is 2:55 (whew) but it talks about the Adam Weishaupt/Jesuit/Rothschild connection and many things are falling into place. This is a case of follow-the-money. I've linked it in the comments of Who are the Jesuits and am trying to make notes as it goes along. Check it out so far.

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Will do, thanks