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This is the problem with politics taking priority over everything, including reality. We can't take anything at face value anymore. Like wiz sakd, this doesn't mean that man made climate changes can't happen or aren't happening. But, to me, this means that I can't believe anything that the "scientists" are saying in the subject.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the climate change agenda is all a distraction technique for something more sinister and deadly. Considering all of the blatant lies we have been told about global warming, this isn't completely unlikely.

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You are on the right path.

This is just one front of the globalist attack on humanity.

Look into UN Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 in less than 5 minutes

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That video should be called "Get seething mad in less than 5 minutes." It was hard to watch that and not cuss at my phone... Good link though, thank you. We all need to know our enemy.

I just don't understand how the average person can be so willing to submit to authoritarianism. "Greater good" is such a disgusting concept, and is basically Hitleresque.

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Honest people assume that others have honest intentions. Until proven otherwise.
I don't blame them. This info isn't publicly discussed in major media outlets. A well oiled propaganda machine.

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Holy shit, well said. This response actually makes me not dislike the people that support authoritarians so much.

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I'm glad to hear that.

Those ruled by authoritarians, are the first victims.

This includes the American public, who are victimized by American oligarchs.

This includes the citizens of the world, who are also ruled by the American oligarchs.

Edit: I would suggest that "the deep state" that attacks Trump is evidence of an American oligarchy. They have completely derailed 2 out of 3 of Trump's main campaign promises.

1) Bringing back manufacturing jobs (manufacturing jobs strengths the working class and organized labor, so it is opposed by the banksters and corporate shareholders) {side note: Trump is in the construction industry, which cannot be exported. It is in his interests to support a health middle class, as this drives up property values, spending, etc.}.

2) Improved relations with Russia. (Military industrial complex needs a Boogeyman to frighten the public)

3) Building a wall (this does not undermine corporate power or elite power, so they don't care)

These are examples of American oligarchy and their domestic activities. Trump opposes them, and he has my support in opposition to them.

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Also, Here's another related submission from JasonCarswell.

"The Crisis of Science" The Corbett Report (2019-02-22).

It's message is crucial to understanding the climate science fraud, and many others.

Up-vote it if you agree, and think others should see it.

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Great video. Upvoted.

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