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IMO, this bipartisan post doesn't belong in /s/ClassWar but would do well in most other right, conservative, and/or political subs.

BOTH the left and the right are controlled by the ruling class - and the ruling class (globalist Zionist NeoCon corporatocracy technocracy, etc) are the enemy of the 99% (including both the left and the right and even the brainwashed BLM SJW corporate Dem far-gone Left.).

Read the sidebox for more.

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You are right that this doesn't really belong here. I am not that familiar with SaidIt. I posted this to /s/Conservatives. Any other suggestions.

I agree that both the left and the right are controlled by the ruling class. But the only hope for the freemen class is the right because the left would totally wipe them out. So the left-right conflict is relevant to class war.

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I won't align with the Right because they are against the Left. I don't take sides.

I will align with anyone on any issue I am for. I don't have to align with everything they stand for - or against.

Here's a handful of subs with potential you may appreciate:


For a bigger list of things related to Class War see: /s/Surveillance/wiki

Also, my incomplete multisubs by topic that you can copy to your own profile and customize: