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Is this Christ Myth theory or something deeper?

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It's serious research about the creation of the Christ story.. like the whole Roman empire washing (pilatus) it's hands in innocence etc.

It's talks with researchers about the ehmm basically coming together of the new testament and the parralells it shows with how the roman Empire used to 'take over' other religions in a sneaky way.

It's not so much Christ myth (although it is abit according to the wikipedia definition, Jesus Christ is a rank/title, not a birth name) But they go about Yoshua one of the possible real names) but that the roman empire twisted his rebelion into something else.

The intro is always a bit of a puts sunglasses on goof, but the interviews are very nice. (the whole podcast is very good, just skip the intro for beginners, it's a media-remix he likes to do)

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I'll check it out, thanks for the nice intro.

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It's definitely Christ Myth theory stuff. Robert Price is one of the 2 or 3 historians in the world right now with semi-relevant credentials who's still pushing this idea. The vast majority of historians who study the period, both conservative and critical, have found the theory absurd, and, really, psuedohistory at this point.

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It does seem absurd, with the historicity of Jesus being well established and all. I've checked out their arguments but they seemed like a lot of cherry picking and weren't very compelling. Like multiple cultures reporting flood events is somehow a debunking for them, when at the same time science is proving that a lot of these floods did happen.

It was cool to learn a bit about other Jesus-like figures though. Someone has to keep the atheists turned off I guess.

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