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Moses Staff and Joseph's Coat with Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, Zen Garcia & Jessica Knock - Eatin Wild Honey and Locusts [1.33.21] Interwoven into the story of Adam and Eve's fall from grace, an account of the garments of power made to clothe them by Yahuah when exiling them from paradise. Another aspect of the tale alludes to the limb which Adam carried forth from the tree of life which in latter scriptures is described as the Rod of Wonders or Staff of Miracles. Given to Moses by Jethro when marrying Zipporah. Moses utilized this stave in parting the 'Red Sea' and bringing forth from the desert stone, the waters which satiated the thirst of Israel during their wanderings.
These two items can be placed through out the lives of the patriarchs, prophet and apostles of Israel and this series picks up on their supernatural importance not realized in mainstream Christianity.