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I like the attack on institutionalized dogmatic religion in any form. This is clearly an secular/other attempt to show the favoritism of Christianity. Thanks to the 'Satanic Panic' and maybe The Satanic Bible (to those who never read that cringy piece of fan fiction [I mean Enochian make believe (because Enochian is something totally different) dribble, don't thread on me would be more suited for that whole book] somehow this spawned a believe in a Harry Potter like satanism under (presumably) Christians.

This whole pointing out that expressing 'certain thoughts/principles' doesn't mean one IS those thoughts. {aka The 'satanic satue' would somehow mean you do the diidlydoo with children or oter horrible acts, and more over that if you condemn that statue that you don't do those things [which is more dangerous imho]}

Anyway Jesus never spoke of these and other things and, especially when reading the nag hamadi library, he speaks about you, yourself and the world. Not about rules, laws and pretentious ideals, it's about the here and now not past or future, so either statue would be a waste of shame to all that would genuinely worship either.

It's about YOU And not your needs/satisfactions