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have you understood what you've seen in the OP? Do you acknowledge that this is a thing?

then I can tell you this: understanding that this stuff is dangerous is not enough. Right this second it might be enough, but this occult stuff is taking over the world, and it's going to succeed at doing it -- and any person with a worldly value system is going to hop right on it and agree to it. Why? Because every single thing that is advantageous or preferable according to that worldly value system is already under its power, and so for the sake of your own advantage, to suit your own preferences, you will agree.

the only possible way out, it's not just better knowledge of danger, it's not trying a little harder or having better self-control. It's the completely new value system, one which is not incentivized by the rewards of this world -- something which is only, only able to be maintained by the avenue of the inner, supernatural changes to the heart which accompany a submission to the risen Jesus Christ. I repeat: there is no other way. It only happens supernaturally, and only Jesus can do it.

nobody wants to hear this, I know! Nobody likes it! And for that I am sorry. I also cannot sit here and prove to you that what I am saying is true, or has any meaning at all: understanding these things is a process. However, my testimony is this: that I am extremely, extremely acquainted with what I am saying, and I am also very careful that I not speak presumptuously, and I am fully, fully confident that what I am saying is the truth, and that I have abundantly perceived evidence. I am not somebody special, that you should listen to me on the basis of my authority, but I definitely do know this material and I do have things to contribute. Therefore, so far as I am able, I will make my own resources, my own labor, and my own person available to you, that we may all be equipped together. That is the purpose of this sub.

here is some Scripture I curated, with the hope that it will help to illustrate some of these things. Maybe you've never looked at Scripture before. I've tried to keep it as digestible as possible, for those without any background knowledge.

thanks for reading. Cheers everybody.