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I do not trust this story at all .. the Chinese Government displaced 13 cities, 140 towns and 1,350 villages against the fervent will of their inhabitants for the Three Gorges Dam Project. Link.

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It's from the independent, I trust their reporting about as much as I trust that congress will do what the people want.

By the way, when I was actually there in China, not reading articles from fake news sites like the independent, I watched them take gas scooters away from their citizens because they wanted them to buy electric scooters. They were literally loading them up in the middle of an intersection one day, and the people were walking off with nothing.

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Yes. I put the source first with a grain or bag of salt.


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That's pretty intense. I guess kind of justified… but kind of not justified at all given all the other polluting things which still exist that pollute way more than energy efficient scooters. Why does all the mitigation have to fall on those that pollute relatively little yet are too poor to pollute less?

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I know right? I didn't make sense to me either. But I kinda liked it.

I almost wonder if it's counter-counter-propaganda. Hear me out...

Because China has no probs moving millions against their will they have to spin it back and for their public relations (propaganda) they create a few examples of how the government really cares about rights, etc. These examples would be widely circulated to foster improved feelings for the majority toward their benevolent dictators.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, the American MSM, will try to spin it back by saying they forbid these images and try to ban them. People aren't even allowed to see images of an empty chair - because Tienanmen Square. Oh my aren't they repressive - not like us in the USofA or UK.

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" According to the New York Times, the Chinese government has previously banned the news media and bloggers from reporting on such homes for fear that they represent a symbol of resistance. "