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Here's an idea to continue the conversation on chess... Post content related to the game - the history, documentaries, movies, songs, etc. along with your review on them. Also images: memes, political chess memes, sexy chess photos (no porn), glam shots, organic shots, whatever you thing is beautiful and worth sharing about chess.

The banner I composited for /s/PoliticalAnalysis/ includes a chessboard globe image I found online. There's one with text. and one without text.

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Here's an infographic on the subject:

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that is really cool, thanks for sharing it. I feel like I'd have to watch it, pause it, compare it to the record of who was playing who at the time to really understand in detail the dynamic at work in the graphic. What stood out to me is that Rubinstein and Schleter do not appear to jump up over anyone the way I thought based on things I read. I'm surprised Andersen was never up over the top, I thought he was best for a while. What the graph shows in the Botvinnik era makes sense to me, especially Smyslov and Tal. Tal's performance on that graph is nice to see, how his use of the "sham sacrifice" and psychology early on worked so well, and then when players caught on how he adjusted and climbed back up near the top.

I could watch it over and over for little details, like looking for Smsylov in the 80s when he found some ideas in the Cambridge Springs. Also, I want to look over Najdorf's games because he was way up there for a while.

Thanks for sharing that!

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Magnus Carlsen is the best and most versatile chess player of all time. Its actually his versatility that makes him the best player ever, but in terms of raw talent the best player was probably José Raúl Capablanca, Paul Morphy, or Mir Sultan Khan. Mikhail Tal and Bobby Fischer were probably the best Human chess players ever, that is: Chess players from the era before computers. Gary Kasparov is most certainly the greatest living player though.