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Faith, belief, and truth are tricky things. Add a dose of ego and you get self righteous, narrow minded behavior. I think it's a problem to label people though, a narrow minded person has the capacity to change and grow. I can personally attest to this, the last 18 months has kicked my ass but for the better, I think. Maybe approaching these thoughts from a faith (or lack of faith) perspective is not helpful to you, thinking in terms of hopeful optimism may suit you better.

Such as Moral Principles for example, at the end of the day this is used as a measurement to determine the good nature of somebody. But does any of it really even matter?

Yep it does. But one can only apply these qualities to oneself. You have your own internal code, and while that code may be changeable, when you violate it you will lose sleep. Living by your own code brings you peace.

Regardless of what we choose to do with our lives, how we treat others and what we believe in - sooner or later we will die, and that will be that. All the friends, bad memories, good memories, achievements - gone.

Reasonably true, but.....Think of this existence as a knitted blanket, you are a stitch as are all other living things. If you get pulled, the blanket may unravel, it may have a blemish, it may not be noticeable on one side. But you and others are united in existence to form the blanket. It may or may not make you important, but you are part of something. Does it matter what that something is? In this existence, the truth of our existence may not ever make itself known in a factually proven manner. Going forward with that knowledge in a positive way could be seen as noble.

I don't know, but I don't think anyone has cornered the market on truth. God, atheists, buddha, who knows. Maybe we all are fucked, but you can try to do the best with what you've got. If you fail today, try harder tomorrow. You can grow. I find a lot of peace knowing that I can't change anyone else, that's not my job. But trying to live positively can have a positive effect on others.

Rambling response, I hope it makes sense.

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hopeful optimism may suit you better.

Honestly, hopeful optimism has got me no-where. In fact, I think it's only tricked me into being naive. Being hopeful for a future that doesn't exist, and then being let down by failure. It's a constant thing that's on repeat and it's torture, because I fall into a false sense of security.

Living by your own code brings you peace.

What's not to say that death will also bring you peace? I think if worse comes to worst, and you have a guilty conscious you could just commit suicide. Which will bring you eternal peace. That's what a lot of people resort to after all, when things get tough or you simply can't live with the actions you have made death will always be there. I'm not encouraging it, but to me it's a viable option given the circumstance. (I'm not actively looking by the way, I am suicidal but I won't be dying any time soon).

When you lose basic human characteristics that people are taught from a young age, you don't consider moral principles and you don't use it to ground yourself with which is the case for me. I don't have to be nice, but I choose to be. Does it matter at the end of the day? Not really, because the actions I make are not what keeps me awake at night. What keeps me awake at night is the inability to make change and the hopelessness it brings. Selfish? Yea, but most people are.

It may or may not make you important, but you are part of something.

I am part of something I don't want to be, it's safe to say we didn't have the choice to be here. But because of the selfishness of others we exist, we exist because our parents wanted a child. But to have one whilst acknowledging the problems they will go through is a conflicting thought to me. We exist because they wanted us to, or maybe we were a mistake. At the end of the day we're here, and some of us don't necessarily want to be. We're expected to follow the rules set when regardless of what we choose to do, we're just going to die anyways. Yea, I mean I don't really have any hope for humanity or for myself. So at this point I'm just letting time pass and watching the chaos ensue.

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Honestly, hopeful optimism has got me no-where.

But has depressive realism/pessimism gotten you anywhere either?

Where are you trying to "get to"? And why? What do you imagine having or doing that you don't already have? What do you imagine that bringing you? If you can answer these questions in a way that's truthful to yourself, you're already way ahead of most people.

The truth is, the world is both fucked, and everything is special and every moment matters and has ripple effects that last forever. Both are simultaneously true, and it's always been that way. IMO to ignore the good OR ignore the bad, is to only see half the picture.

A true realist wouldn't ignore half of what's happening to suit a particular emotion. They would able to see all emotional angles simultaneously, good and bad, because they're all "true", right?

Sure we're all going to die, but we all have to live in the meantime. Your experience can suck, or you can make it not suck, or whatever you want. You can make it not matter, or matter tremendously. It's literally up to your mind's emotional interpretation of sensory data, which ultimately is something we decide. How do you want to pass the time?

My 2 cents