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Well, maybe I will and maybe I won't. I wasn't planning on it, but I'm not going to let someone tell me what to do or not do.

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I order you to move to Chattanooga.

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Damnit. I was looking at that $1.25 million brick house on the river, too.

Seriously, I've been through Chattanooga several times but never had time to stop and visit. What do you recommend? I was thinking about riding the Tennessee Valley Railroad and visiting Chickamauga Battlefield.

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Avoid Rock City and Ruby Falls. They are essentially fake. If you are going to the TVRRM you can get an annual family membership pass for about what 4 Missionary Ridge Local tickets cost. The battlefield is exceptionally pleasant in the Fall after the mosquitoes hibernate and in the Spring before they come back out. There is a special train offered regularly, "The Chickamauga Turn". It takes you through the battlefield to Chickamauga, GA and back. The TVRRM also offers "Dinner on the Diner" trains. Book early and get the Pullman Car. It costs more but it is worth it. The mountains surrounding Chattanoooga are chock full of stuff to do; from apple orchards to white water rafting. Sometimes you can find some nice deals on Groupon. The Chattanooga Choo Choo is a blatant tourist trap. Skip it. Avoid the Hamilton Place Mall area. It's gridlock traffic. Don't drive through Collegedale. The cops have a ticket quota and they love to write them. Especially to tourists. Don't buy a house on the Tennessee River. Buy one on the lake but be prepared for your boat dock to get hit by thieves every time you leave something on it. They'll take your boat battery, life jackets, oars, anything not nailed down. I'll never live on the lake or have a swimming pool ever again. Hotels downtown price gouge. Ooltewah is chock full of nicer newer hotels. Check for deals. The Chattanooga Ducks are death traps; DO NOT RIDE. There is a redneck amusement park just across the state line in North Georgia. Lake Winnepesaukah. Think Six Flags Over Georgia without the hood. Gang bangers are actually afraid to go there. If you find yourself on the Hixson Pike "S" Curves drive the speed limit. People used to die there just about every weekend. Do not forget the North Georgia Mountains. The Copper Hill area is a fun trip. Even on weekdays. There are a crapload of places to camp. Fall Creek Falls was my favorite growing up. Like baseball? So do I but the local stadium is built so it faces the afternoon sun and there isn't much shade. I call it sunburn stadium.

If you have specific questions shoot them my way and I'll tell you what I know.

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Thank you so much for the info. I've been thinking about getting the family away for a week and a camping/hotel combo in your area would be nice. That way, I'd get the isolation from technology for a few days and the sightseeing for a few days. I think the train should be a separate trip on its own. What foods is the area known for? I was joking about buying any houses, although I am thinking of buying some land in the region close to a State or National Park after I get my finances in order. Nothing much: around 20 acres unless I run across a great deal. I have a business associate who lies in GA near the NC/SC lines and he is keeping an eye open, but everything in that area is so expensive right now.

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Can't really tell you where to eat. We haven't been out to eat since March 2020. Bea's would be a go to answer in normal times. We do regularly pick up Popeyes and Bojangles Chicken. Jet's Pizza is nice. Large Thin Super Special. We pick that up about twice a month. Publix has king and snow crab legs; we buy them by the box. We get bone in ribeyes and bangers at Don's Meat Market. Rice Boxx was a favorite until February 2020 when the Covid hit.