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Yeah no shit. People just don't want to contribute. Personally I never really posted anything on r/chadfish. I'm more of a commenter in general.

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Cuckit has banned every good sub and people still refuse to leave. r/Celouts brainlet mod is now banning anyone advertising saidit or voat incel boards.

Looks like reddit has won and no one cares.

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Most regulars of r/braincels are gone from reddit (I have also deleted all my reddit accounts), the remaining ones are very few. Don't bother. There are other corners of the internet besides reddit.

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Is there anyway upload pictures and videos directly without having to use another website?

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I use puush which comes with shareX and I click "upload with shareX" on an image. No need for another website.

Anyway, I feel like it's best if people have to use a pc if they want to contribute to the forum. It removes the normalfags.