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Restricted view-only wiki, for now. Contact a mod to add something.

Rough Drafts And Backups

Draft Concepts To Explain:

/s/Cassy/wiki/       ◀   ◀   ◀   YOU ARE HERE

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Accounting - Accounting

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Archiving - Archiving

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Branding - Branding

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Bridging - Bridging

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/OnCoop - Online Cooperative

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Copyrights - Copyright Licenses

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Crypto - Crypto

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Curating - Curating

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/DecentAnons - Decentralizing Anonymous Users

draft /s/Cassy/wiki/Draft - Draft

posted 2021-06-23 /s/Cassy/wiki/ForumOnTOR
    ► Cassandra Team Presents: Our Forum On TOR, Soft Launch

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/FreeSpeech - "Free Speech"

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/FullSpectrumDecentralization - Full Spectrum Decentralization

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Funding - Funding

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Goals - Goals

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Marketing - Marketing

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/Priorities - Priorities

empty draft template /s/Cassy/wiki/ProgressLog_Template - Progress Log Template

posted 2021-05-12 /s/Cassy/wiki/ProgressLog_2021-05-11
    ► Cassy Catch Up, 2021-05-17

empty draft template /s/Cassy/wiki/RoadMap - Road Map

draft /s/Cassy/wiki/RoadMap20210824 - Road Map 2021-08-24

draft /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/ServerShopping - Server Shopping [PhoenixForum]

archive /s/Cassy/wiki/SideboxV1 - Sidebox V1 2021-11-19

empty draft template /s/Cassy/wiki/StartUpPlans - Start Up Plans

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/TemplateSets - Template Sets

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/ToS - Terms Of Service

empty /s/Cassy/wiki/WebStore - WebStore

draft /s/Cassy/wiki/WikiResearch - WikiResearch


empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/ErgoFlow - Ergonomic Flow, Pragmatic Functionality

posted 2021-03-24 /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/Filtering_STABs
    ► New Idea: Filtering STABs On SaidIt

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/GUI - Layout, Graphic Design, Aesthetics

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/LibreFestos - Libre-Manifestos

posted 2021-05-08 /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/MetaVote
    ► MetaVote™ - Part 1: A Brief Outline Of A Potentially Revolutionary New GUI Data-Input Form (A tool for more quality information and profoundly deeper, stronger applications - including STABs management.) [Without images or animation to illustrate how simple it can be.]

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/MVBeyond - MetaVote™ Part 2: Illustrated

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/MVBeyond - MetaVote™ Part 3: Animated

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/MVBeyond - MetaVote™ Beyond Use Just In Forums

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/MVTrillion - MetaVote™ + The Trillion Dollar Idea

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/Migration - Upgrade Forum Software

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/PreVis - PreVisualization Videos

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/ProjMgmt - Project Management

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/Security - Security

posted 2021-02-19/s/PhoenixForum/wiki/SocMgmt
    ► Fair, Open, Accountable Social Management These Seeds For Fairness And Justice On SaidIt Need Your Help

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/SoftDev - Software Development

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/Surveys - Community Feedback

empty /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/Trillion - Trillion Dollar Idea (Decentralized Federation Of Resistance Marketing - DFORM)

Backup Posts:

CENSORED 2021-03-28 /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/Magnora7_Lies
    ► Magnora7 is a lying drama queen riding my ass with his tiny pricks and jabs to avoid the real issues. Am I right or wrong?

posted 2021-04-06 /s/PhoenixForum/wiki/Moving_Forward
    ► Moving forward: Let's discuss fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest social management systems - and the future of our forum.
    ► mirror: Moving forward: Let's discuss fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest social management systems - and the future of our forum.


Work In Progress Draft Page

(Formatted to be edit-copypasted.)

Post Title:

[ Post title goes here. ]

Post Text:

Thumbnail, temporary stand-in "branding" (see the 1st post for more about this).


[ Post content goes here. ]


End Post Text


Glossed And Profound & Glossed Over & Truther Top 20s = FLOSS content ◀
Bittersweet Seeds & Trutherism 101 © Jason Carswell of Glossed And Profound
▶ Once established with sufficient momentum, sustainability, and security, these projects will be open-sourced. Upon the untimely demise of Jason Carswell all become F/LOSS.
/s/GlossedOver + Content Overview + wiki, participation discussion over all 5 projects
/s/GlossedAndProfound + Content Overview + wiki, management
/s/BittersweetSeeds + Content Overview + wiki, in development
/s/Trutherism101 + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic T101, in development
/s/TrutherTop20s + wiki + InfoGalactic TT20, ongoing
▶ donate options + merchandise store = coming eventually
▶ On 2019-05-01,, and were registered for future use. Long in conception, finally here on SaidIt, the official origin place, started on May Day, 2019. May 1 is a metonym for International Workers Day, a day of celebration of the working class. Behind it lies a complex largely forgotten history dating back over one-and-a-half centuries. Look into it.
▶ On 2021-05-01,,,,,,,, and Volun.Tube were registered for future use.

Thumbnail, temporary stand-in "branding" (see the 1st post for more about this).

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