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For years we've been discussing FOTPACH ethical self-regulating social media management, as well as self-regulating communities, and creating open-source templates (akin to Creative Commons licenses) so that others may easily emulate and users can clearly understand - all starting with being open.

The idea of FOTPATCH ethical management (fair, open, transparent, peaceful, accountable, consistent, honest) was developed through struggles to open magnora7's SaidIt management, and FOTPACH has become a simple concept to apply to any management, such as organizing our Windsor Freedom Rallies or what we want from local election candidates or national governments (good luck with that).

The goals and essence of FOTPACH is manifesting bottom-up self-regulating communities rather than settling for top-down dictates.

The article was discovered via the Rumble CEO discussion on Tim Pool's show, both linked...

Timcast IRL - Elon Musk Twitter Meeting LEAKED By Veritas w/ Viva, Barnes & Rumble CEO (2:05:05) ~ Timcast IRL [ Includes discussion on free speech and Rumble's open-source rules and social media self-regulation management @1:04:45+. ]

Rumble Proposes an Open-Source Content Moderation Policy & Process to Improve Transparency & Put Creators First - Rumble