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I agree.

Also, I don't like that currently "insightful" gets 2 points and "fun" gets 1 point - and both go to the same total. It might be better they were both 1 and you could chose one or the other.

People, myself included, will vote both to give it all 3 points in order to boost it. I do it to other peoples content more than my own and I've often done this my new posts for the first hour or two, then remove the "fun" vote if it's not appropriate.

The new Reddit-like forum, if/when it ever comes, will not be like SaidIt. Lemmy is currently the best option. It would take some serious work to rework the either up/down into either deep/shallow or heavy/light (alternative terms to your good new idea (wish I'd thought of it)). We are unable to do any serious work to Lemmy at this time.

I agree that quality is important. I think having metatags would be huge with much sorting potential. However one big problem is lazy people not bothering to do their metatags or vote properly, especially with a complex system.

Your algorithmic sorting is very much along the lines of what I was thinking for my MetaVote post in /s/PhoenixForum.

Building on your quality/fun idea, it would be nice if users had a slider with 0 to 100% so you could adjust the "mix" in your feed towards one or the other or balanced as your mood dictates.