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Your ultimate goal is already functioning on

I am interested how you will do it other ways but a blockchain is an obvious solution.

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Your ultimate goal is already functioning on

That would be nice if it were true. I really hope it is. You're a good salesman, but the proof is in the results.

Obviously I can't speak for everyone here, but I can say that I suspect others like me would be willing to give DA at least a try if it met some fundamental conditions. Top of my list is the GUI. The Reddit-like forum interface has its pros and cons and all the regulars here are at least accustomed to it, even if some may have issues with it. If you could mimic that well enough, then you'd not only have folks from SaidIt checking you out, but many on the List of Active Saidit Alternatives 2.0 checking you out. If that impresses folks then they may or may not want to have their old data exported/imported securely somehow. It might be too much to hope for some way to

Blockchain, sharding, torrent, IPFS, Holochain (vaporware?), TOR, ZeroNet, I2P, FreeNet, whatever. By any and all means if possible.

I should have thought of this yesterday. /u/fschmidt may be interested in all of this. He's often a disagreeable curmudgeon and said he has blocked me so he may not see this, so you may need to beacon him yourself, and he may need to unblock me to read me. He was offering to pay $2K a month for legit forum development. I don't know what his requirements are and I don't know if DA counts in his books, but if it does, perhaps you can spend that $2K on hiring some GUI development.

After 9/11 I may be able to help with GUI design (I don't code), but until then I'm focused on making some videos.



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Thanks for the conversation ! Yes I agree with old reddit style except maybe on mobile as I type this on a mobile. It really is ironic discussions gui as they did just redo it and a push was made for old reddit style before but it never got there. They have talked of ipfs before but are now talking about dstor. The guys behind discussions are all heavily into the crypto world so they always lean that way. Maybe it blinds them but on the other side the tech world leans away from crypto because they view it as just scams which it much is. Thing is most in crypto have recognized value in the tech, but maybe too much.

Matrix just got a huge investment, 30million, and is talking about many interesting things.

I really just want to see a better future on the net. Discussions aligns with what I think that is. Not perfectly but its evolving, this is hard.

I appreciated the discourse here and similar happens on discussions. I will contact that user you mentioned.


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FYI: SaidIt features 3 mobile page view formats for small & narrow screens:

  • - LARGE display
  • - old minimal Reddit-style
  • - CAUTION: depreciated janky code. This is Reddit's first mobile bare-bones style in the old opensource code. This format is for oldskool geex and fans of interwebs history


Yes the crypto is a heavy influence. IMO it makes more sense to have crypto as a modular option on the side. That keeps your forum at arms length from all the pros and cons of being a bank/exchange/business/antiauthoritarian/etc. Plug in the module or don't. Swap it out, add more or less or whatever. Or make the crypto a browser addon. There are solutions.

For our Lemmy instance we're going to embrace the simplicity and hope folks might build modular stuff for it - assuming it gains any traction.

I appreciated the discourse here and similar happens on discussions.

Likewise. Keep coming back with updates. I'll try to peek in on discussions occasionally. All I saw were memes on a phone GUI. I can only guess that if I create an account I might get access to change preferences.

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Crypto is very good dencentralization tech. One of the only solutions for storing names or hashes.

You should get on matrix and join some of the rooms there like redencentralize.